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Donovan McNabb Sportsroid’s Salute!

December 1, 2008 by MarkM 

Donovan Mcnabb

Donovan Mcnabb

Donovan Mcnabb is proving that even with all the garbage he gets from philly fans that he is the best QB for the eagles. This week he threw for 4 td’s and no ints as he lead the eagles to victory over the surging Arizona Cardinals. DONOVAN even got boo’d after going 8-8 in the first quarter when he threw his first incomplete pass! Damn I can’t wait until he gets out of philly and ends up somewhere were people will appreciate him. Seriously, without McNabb eagles stink ! I mean sure go ahead throw your Star QB under the bus when you season does not pan out the way you cheese-steak eating idiots planned it. Yeah Kolb now that’s the answer. Seriously Dnabb is the 4th most winning-est QB in league history and he has the best winning percentage among all active QB’s so how are you going to tell me Kolb gives you the best chance to win? Honestly their must be a lot of blushing people in Philly on this day. I hope the media apologizes to Dnabb because after the last week of punishment they deliberated, they ought to.  I love philly i just wish they took care of their hero’s that’s all!


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    Donovan rules for real. Philly fans should just stop and realize without him they have no team, and will place 4th in the division for atleast 4 years to come!

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