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Oops the Jets Drafted the wrong QB!

April 28, 2009 by MarkM 


I am sorry guys!

I am sorry guys!

Now if you have been paying attention, you’ll realize that in reality, they drafted USC QB Mark Sanchez. I just can’t believe they think he is the future. I feel a Tim Couch/Matt Lienart situation coming on, and to  think they traded up for him makes me sick.  I do think the Jets needed a QB, but my biggest issue with this is what they traded away to get him. Realize that Mark Sanchez is no Tim Tebow, he is not the next carson palmer. He is 1/2 the player that Matt Leinart is, and we all know how Leinarts NFL career is going!

Matt Leinart kisses his mom on the lips? I didnt think he was from the south!

Matt Leinart kisses his mom on the lips? I didn't think he was from the south!

It’s pretty funny, to think, when I was watching NFL Network, and they were interviewing Sanchez about getting picked 5th. It was more than obvious that everyone at the table knew that the Jets had made a mistake in trading up to secure this player. Sanchez brought up his lack of experience, and talked about the fact “if you don’t win at USC, there is a problem”. That’s just funny. I could care less that this guys dad is a firefighter, and the silly story line that Fireman Ed will get a chance to cheer for a firefighters son should not be a topic talked about. NFL network shame on you!

firemaned Oops the Jets Drafted the wrong QB!

What the Jets should have done, is not trade away their 2nd round draft pick and 3 players for this one unproven guy. They could have  picked up some good player in the second round and still secured a great QB. They could have secured Kansas State’s Stud QB Josh Freeman using their 17th pick without trading if they were really that hard up on drafting a QB this season. They never needed to send away their second-round pick in this year’s draft and three players to secure this QB. The drop off from him to Josh Freeman is nothing at all. I would even argue that Freeman has the potential and experience to be the better NFL QB. The Jets lost Starting DE Keyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff and S Abram Elam. If I was Elam I would be upset with Eric Mangini, because he is getting Elam involved in another rape scandal, stealing away three solid players and prospects from the Jets for one un-proven “franchise QB”. Guess what everyone Akila Smith and Ryan Leaf were once considered “Frachise QB’s” on their draft day. Coleman was the Starting DE last season, and Abran Elam has showed lots of promise. Considering what Stafford got paid, Jets fans should realize that Sanchez isn’t going to sign cheap, which won’t help their WR situation as well.  I am not impressed with the Jets draft this year and I won’t be afraid to show it. The Idiots at NFL network are saying it’s a great move, but I am not buying it. Josh Freeman was a 3 year starter and he has a career QB rating of 122.39 with a suspect offensive line. Freeman is 6′6  250 pounds and has more than 16 games experience playing for a program that wins regardless of who is QB’ing. Mark Sanchez was a stupid pick, and I can’t say that enough. He has put up only 1 year of Monster stats and the Jets just traded away  their starting proven D-End. IS ANYONE ELSE PISSED ABOUT THIS??

Raiders pick Darrius Haywood Bey over Crabtree what were you thinking? Al Davis needs someone to tell him to retire!

Raiders pick Darius Haywood-Bey over Crabtree, what were THEY thinking? Al Davis needs someone to tell him to retire!

To be honest when I look at the three QB’s, as I stated before, I think everyone is backwards on this idea of what true Value is. Stafford and Sanchez are without a doubt very talented QB’s but the fact that Freeman is not as highly regarded diminishes both their values in this draft. Regardless of the fact that I think that Sanchez doesn’t warrent the respect he is getting, I still feel that Freeman will be the better NFL QB. Personally, I think Freeman fits the lions much better than the Stafford, yet the Lions couldn’t field any potential trades they felt were worth using, so I understand them picking Stafford. The 17th overall pick, Josh Freeman was a 2.75 year starter and put up over 8,000 yards passing with 44TD’s in his college career and once you start to understand that he has the size and speed of the young uninjured Donte Culpepper, you start to realize that he has real potential, which is what he has shown in his long college career as a starter. What does Sanchez have? 16 games as a Starter, and 1 season of good numbers, for a program that just doesn’t lose. Sanchez is only 6′1 and 216 pounds. He will need the Jets to create passing lanes on certain plays and Jets fans should be ready for a lot of balls to get batted down at the line of scrimmage!

New York is going to chew this young kid up!!!

New York is going to chew this young kid up!!!

We really do need to think about how much these players are going to sign for, when measuring their value. Value. Value is defined as worth subtracted by cost in many academic settings. In the NFL historically the top 10 picks in the NFL draft get exponentially more $ than the rest of the rookies in guaranteed salary. Matthew Stafford only put up 7,731 passing yards in his college career, and he is due to make 41 million without ever taking a NFL snap. What do you think Sanchez is going to sign for? Cause I think he will want at-least 25-30 Million guaranteed, considering he is the 5th pick overall. As stated before he has the leverage and he won’t sign cheap. The value of Josh Freeman really becomes apparent when you realize at the 17th pick he will only be able to get around 5-13 million guaranteed from the Bucs. Value is not potential, It should be viewed as Value= Potential+Current Ability+Salary. The Tampa Bay Bucs got the real value in this draft, so Bucs GM Mark Dominik we salute you!


4 Responses to “Oops the Jets Drafted the wrong QB!”

  1. Jim McD on April 29th, 2009 1:42 pm

    Picking Mark Sanchez in the draft was a great move by the Jets & I’ll tell you why. First off the compensation: The Jets gave up 3 players plus their 2nd round pick (52nd overall) & swapped first round picks. The only player of significance was starting DE Kenyon Coleman. In his career with the Jets, he is best known for being well disciplined as he has not had a penalty called on him since he was with the Cowboys. A steady player yes, a playmaker, no. Magini obviously wanted a player like Coleman for his work ethic to rub off on other players & not his play-making skills. Abram Elam is a safety with potential, however there is a reason he was cut by the Cowboys & able to sign with the Jets two seasons ago. With the signing of former Raven Jim Leonard as well as the emergence of former 3rd round pick & former Michigan State standout Eric Smith, Elam was going to be a third string backup and special teams player. Brett Ratliff?? Another undrafted free agent who was third string backup last year. Another player with a great work ethic, but without talent, hard work only gets you so far. So the Browns got two third stringers and a solid veteran for the chance to draft a franchise quarterback. Yes, Sanchez may turn out to be the next Leinhart or Tim Couch, but he also may be the next Manning, Roesthlisberger, or Matt Ryan. Is the potential worth the risk? Absolutely!!! Josh Freeman has nice physical tools but to play quarterback in the NFL, you must be a good decision-maker. There is a reason most scouts had Freeman pegged as a 2nd round pick. If you can’t make good decisions in college, how are you going to make good decisions with the speed of the NFL. If physical tools were the only requirement to play quarterback, then how were quarterbacks such as Joe Montana with his limited arm strength, and Tom Brady with his limited mobility, able to suceed? As everyone knows the draft is a gamble but in the case of Mark Sanchez, the risk is definitely worth the reward.

  2. Joe D on April 29th, 2009 4:21 pm

    Yeah I think Mark M was right. Freeman has made nothing but good decisions This guy played the longest out of the 3 QB’s in college and had the least Interceptions. Also he has completed over 44 TD passes. You don’t do that when you are making bad decisions. To me Jim you sound like a big time homer fan. Freeman is the better QB and more proven, when looking at his college statistics. I don’t care if you have a feel for this guy, just look at the numbers! The reason this has happened is only because he is black, plain and simple. Since Freeman is like the black sheep in this Draft, he isn’t garnishing the respect, even though he deserves to. The Value in drafting Freeman I agree at 17th overall is why higher than Sanchez. The authors point is right! Jets fans are really going to be unhappy when they see what the Jets will need to do to sign this young fellow. Also who is going to play WR, ?? Plax is the only person who will come cheap considering he will be able to only play in around 4 games!

  3. Mark M on April 29th, 2009 4:36 pm

    Here is a quiz for all you idiots out there.
    1. Steve Slaton
    2. Mcfadden

  4. Mark M on June 24th, 2009 3:46 pm

    OMG thats funny Sanchez got 28 Million Bucks guaranteed! Great Job New York. You just paid the highest amount in franchise history for a 1 year starter! WOODY GET YOUR HEAD OUT YOUR ASS!

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