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Crian Bruney

June 15, 2009 by Theboinger 

I Guess Brain's Celebrations Are Less "Tired"

I Guess Brain's Celebrations Are Less "Tired"

Dude are you kidding? Shut up and play baseball. The guy’s ERA is starts with a ZERO!

Oh I am sorry did you not hear? Brian “Cryin” Bruney was upset with K-Rod for his antics on the mound. Citing that he was not taught to play that way and calling Francisco Rodriguez’s animated mound celebrations “a tired act”

GROW UP! First of  all worry about yourself and staying healthy and earning your own inning as a reliever. Second of all why K-Rod? If you want to get into it with someone what about Papelbon? He celebrates more than anyone after beating the Yankees. At least K-rod celebrates the same way weather he beats the Yankees or strikes out the pizza delivery guy from team Italy in the WBC. Well either way Francisco Cervelli cant touch him. In the meantime the guy saved 62 games last year more than you’ll ever get to sniff at in your career. Perhaps you should talk to Joba Chamberlain about celebrating after he strikes out the pizza delivery guy. Or was it DiGiorno?

You know what? You are an idiot. You are just another cry baby. If you do not like it and you think someone is showing you up then drill’em in the ass when they get up to bat and be prepared to throw your hands like a man. Otherwise keep your mouth shut. Talk is cheap. I hate players who talk and whine and try to sound tough while doing it. By the way what happened when K-Rod got in your face today before the game? You punked out didn’t you?


You haven’t even pitched since April 21st. You are supposed to be a bridge to Mariano Rivera but you can’t even set the clock on your VCR let alone set the table for Mo.

Bottom line is no one likes it. Not even Met fans. So you are not telling us something we already don’t know. The difference you can actually do something about it. Talk is for the bums, and has-beens that never were, sitting at the bar.

“I was taught to play the game a different way and you won’t see me doing those kinds of things.” But do we have to listen you whine and moan like a little girl? Is that what they taught you in Oregon or did you learn that on the set of Kindergarten Cop?

Go back to your crab boat you freaking sea hag.


3 Responses to “Crian Bruney”

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  2. Mark M on June 15th, 2009 5:34 am

    Dude is that guy a Nazi? He has a big Iron cross!! Thats Nuts!!

  3. Mark M on June 15th, 2009 5:35 am

    PS it’s outlined in red, I wonder if that means anything?

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