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Jerry Stackhouse to meet with New York Knicks, I wondering what they are thinking?

August 6, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Stackhouse could be the main ingredant in this years bad knick team!

Stackhouse could be the main ingredient in this years bad Knicks team!

Listen all you Knicks fans,  Stackhouse has had some great years in the past but I can’t help but wonder, “Why the Knicks are even interested in this guy?”. Jerry is over the hill, and I don’t believe the Knicks need to get any older, on the roster. Dolan should just save himself the cash. The Knicks have no need for this guy to be signed, it seems as if they are trying make this deal just so that they can market that they are really attempting to be competive this season. This just seems like a move that will inevitable backfire on the knicks like the Jerome James signing or the Cuttino Mobley trade did. I mean really the Knicks are the NBA’s number #1 Suckers. I joke with my friends all the time that  the Bulls love to unload trash in New York’s direction, and everytime the knicks bite. I am as you all know a big fan of the knicks but I realize that we suck. There have been so many things wrong with this organization it’s crazy over the last 25 years. I mean really,  WHO THE HELL DRAFTS Frédéric Weis over RON ARTEST? I mean seriously the only time Weis did anything memorable was when he got jumped over and dunked on by Vince Carter in the Olympics! If the Knicks grab Jerry, I feel as if it will be just a waste. They have a young core, that management and D’Antoni need to play so that they will be “NBA ready” for when they sign someone in 2010. It would really be nice for this season if they just give the kids a shot and let them gain some experience and hell you can see what happens. I’d rather the knicks only win 30 games this season with the young guys then accomplish the same feat with Lee or Robinson. You never know , maybe Almond is the next Alan Houston, and maybe Tony Douglas becomes the NBA’s next superstar point gaurd. Regardless of what the Knicks are selling this year, I just ain’t buying it. Play the kids and let them get some experience. I want to see the knicks win a championship in the next 5 years and if they sign anyone now I feel as if they just they would be just stunting the younger players development!

Will Ricky Rubio be coming to New York?

June 27, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Ricky Rubio 19 year old Superstar

Ricky Rubio 19 year old Superstar

This just feels like dejavu doesn’t it. I remember when no one knew about Steve Nash, and he was picked up through an offseason trade, and then his career just exploded! I love thinking that Ricky Rubio could be that player for the New York Knicks. Ricky is a top tier talent, there is no doubt about it. This kid has the speed,athletism and mentality to make an impact this year playing on the New York Knicks. He also would give Chris Duhan the much needed time off that he could not get last season.

Ricky+RUBIO Will Ricky Rubio be coming to New York?

Ricky was drafted by Minnesota during this season’s draft along with two other high profile guards, Jonny Flynn and Ty Lawson . Since then, Ricky’s Father has vocalized Ricky’s discontent in playing for a small market team. So it is very possible that Donnie Walsh can pull something out. If he does not Ricky will probably stay in his European league. Considering Ricky Rubio is only 19 he has time to work on his game even more.

ricky rubio brandon jennings slam magazine Will Ricky Rubio be coming to New York?

If the Knicks can score a player like Rubio it will not be surprising to see him jump to superstar status, because he will be in the same system that created the man he is compared to, Steve Nash. Their have been reports of the Knicks needing to trade either Lee or Robinson for this deal to go through with Minnesota. Nate Robinson without a doubt is a ticking timebomb. He will begin to breakdown just like every other small player in the NBA who’se game is entirely based on his jumping abiliity. Once that happens he will be a complete defensive liablilty with no speed in the lane! All it would take is one knee injury and this kid would have nothing! To secure Ricky Rubio quickly, Donnie Walsh should resign Robinson, in order to just trade him while his value is high and pick up the young talented Ricky Rubio. Nate Robinson, however, is a restricted free agent, so he will not sign for atleast 3 to 4 weeks so he can test the waters and find out his true value in the NBA.


Ricky Rubio belongs in New York. The Knicks have needed a team first mentality point gaurd for quite sometime. Duhan was the start in changing the mentality of this team for the better. Ricky could be the end. With Ricky Rubio on the Knicks now, They might be the team to beat in the east coming 2010, since they won’t have to waste cap space on a free agent PG.

The New York Knicks select Jordan Hill with the 8th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft

June 25, 2009 by MarkM · 3 Comments 

Alot of people have been down on the Knicks for selecting this guy this season. I really just want a chance to say, I believe he really fit this system. At 6′10 he is very athletic who can in the future be a great asset for the Knicks. I am not the only person who really feel that this kid is the best Sleeper in this Draft. There was no secret that the Knicks wanted Curry. But Indiana took him, so as far as this pick goes I have no complaints. If you don’t know who Jordan Hill is I would like you to just acquaint yourself, by his junior years in Arizona Jordan had showed himself as one of the premier bigs in the NCAA!

Season Averages
2006-2007 14.1 4.7 4.1 .1 .7 .14 .2 .9 1.8 .652 .447 .000 1.54
2007-2008 29.4 13.2 7.9 .8 2.1 .38 .5 1.6 3.1 .620 .683 .000 1.52
2008-2009 35.7 18.3 11.0 1.5 2.9 .52 .9 1.7 3.0 .537 .654 .000 1.32

here are some of his highlights and videos!

The New York Knicks better drop the right guys!

April 10, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

David Lee of the New York Knicks

David Lee of the New York Knicks

After watching the New York Knicks play this year, it is sad to realize that they haven’t really accomplished anything! This year they won 30 games, which is not really an improvement from what we had saw with Isiah Thomas, whose best season was 39-43. Isiah’s team, therefore had 9 games ahead what Mike D’Antoni accomplished this season. The Knicks record this year in fact ranks 6th worst season of all time based on overall wins. If there was anything positive to take from this season it was we have Donnie Walsh. Walsh has made great moves over this season, setting the Knicks up for the future. Understanding that, I trust he will make the right decision on which one of his young stars he will need to keep going into next year.

Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks Fighting J.R. Smith

Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks Fighting J.R. Smith

The large debate up until this point has been who he should sign, David Lee or Nate Robinson? This to me sounds pretty silly considering that David Lee lead the league in Double Doubles this year posting 62, which was one above Dwight Howard. If you look at Lee’s numbers he is a power house averaging 16 points and 11 rebounds a game. David has always been a consistent star for the Knicks, putting out great performance after great performance. David Lee at the age of 25 and a height of 6′9 still has a lot of great Basketball left in him.

Nate Robinson fights with Chris Paul!

Nate Robinson fights with Chris Paul!

Nate Robinson on the other hand, has had a very up and down career. This year Nate only started 11 games for the New York Knicks, most likely because of his size. They say it’s amazing to watch Nate play, being tha that he is only 5′8. I say that is just dumb. I don’t need any circus freaks on my team. I’d rather just win. So what, the guy can dunk, defensively he is a liability. Do you really think Nate can keep up his game considering it is completely predicated on his jumping ability when he hits 28 years old? He doesn’t even start and until this year he was not even a great scorer, as shown by his career average of 12 points per game. Nate also has had problems with his own demons. Everyone knows that he has a very short fuse and is far to emotional for his own good. Just look at the all the instances where Nate flew off the handle. There was the Nugget fight, the Kyle Korver incident and let us not forget the Chris Paul fight as well. Nate needs to grow up literally and figuratively. There are way to many issues with him talking back to officials and he gets way to many technical fouls. It funny to think that some people think he is a great PG. They are just delusional. He only averages around 4 assists per game purely because he thinks of himself as a SG more than a PG. If he really was a Point Guard averaging 2 assists per game over his career would just be pathetic. Nate is giving out the most that he can currently and honestly it really isn’t enough for me. I say New York move on, let this dunking midget go!

Hey Walsh, make the right choice, don’t just keep Nate because he’s exciting, lets try to get to the playoffs next year, so get him out of here and keep your Stud Forward David Lee. It’s just that simple!

The New York Knicks will not make the playoffs because no one can teach them how to get out of thier own way!

March 25, 2009 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

f9628d0e 1e77 491e b31a 66b2b22411d4 The New York Knicks will not make the playoffs because no one can teach them how to get out of thier own way!

Honestly after the Knicks lost to the L.A. Clippers tonight I realized how bad they have become. They promise the fans PLAYOFFS and Al Harrington is making the same mistakes he did when they lost to L.A. last time. The Knicks had the game in hand until he showboated and received a “T”. Then to listen to his excuses after post game was just pathetic! I love Al Harrington’s hustle but he is becoming the new Jeremy Shockey in New York. Hey Al just stay a little more in control, otherwise I love your heart man you are definitely someone I hope to see in the Knicks future! I am interested to see if the knicks can get a win over the last 11 games in the season.  Mike D get control of your team. Otherwise, I would like to be the first New Yorker to say Orevua playoffs!

This is becoming the Knicks New Motto

This is becoming the Knicks new motto. Unbelievable! Kids should only cheer for a winner. These knicks just aren't that!

The Elusive Number Eight Seed… in the East

March 12, 2009 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Rookie Derek Rose has his squad thinking Playoffs.

Rookie Derek Rose has his squad thinking Playoffs.

With about 18 or so games to go for each NBA team, the playoff races begin to tighten. By now, any true NBA enthusiast should know the situation in the Western Conference and how seeds eight through two are neck and neck. They should also know that the Phoenix Suns are in poor shape in the ninth spot being five and a half games behind the currently eighth seeded Dallas Mavericks. However, over in the Eastern Conference the race for eight is on. With Chicago, New Jersey, Charlotte, Indiana, Milwaukee, and New York no more than two games apart from one another, that battle is still very interesting.


The New York Knicks have improved mightily from last season with the run-and-gun style that has been infused by new head coach Mike D’Antoni. However, they have a run-and-gun with a bevy of role player caliber ballers. It’s not like they’re the superstar-filled Suns of years past that D’Antoni had before. So, although the Knicks are a much improved team, they shouldn’t be making the playoffs any way.


The Charlotte Bobcats were already making positive strides prior to the trade that brought them Raja Bell and Leandro Barbosa at mid-season. Now, they have improved further, but they are still highly inexperienced and will require more time and at least one All-Star player to get in.


The Pacers on the other hand have their All-Star caliber player in Danny Granger, but he has been hurt. They too are like the Knicks and tend to run, but once again, too many role player type people on their team. That’s no good.


New Jersey’s got All-Star Devin Harris, and former superstar, but more than capable Vince Carter. But they have too many woes at home and they can’t be expected to make a run just because they are decent on the road. Decent on the road is great, where they have a 14-17 record, but a non-winning 14-19 home record just won’t do it.


The Milwaukee Bucks currently hold the eight spot, but they still have one problem… they are Michael Redd-less. They did a great job in the early going of his absence from his season-ending injury, but now his loss has started to catch up and the Bucks are just 3-7 in their last ten games.


With that being said, the eighth seed has to be given to Chicago. They have the leading candidate for rookie of the year in Derek Rose, and a great scoring pickup up at mid-season in John Salmons who is averaging 18.2 points per game this season. On top of this they have a stable of young guys with playoff experience in Kirk Hinrich, and top-scorer Ben Gordon. Their big men are also efficient; Tyrus Thomas and Luol Deng. Last, but not least, the other guy that game over from Sacramento with John Salmons… veteran and playoff-savvy Brad Miller.


The Bulls, in my mind, are already a team with a bright future, while the others that were mentioned still do not have much to build on except for some true grit. Bulls get in.

Minor Moves leads to Big Moral in the Big Apple

February 19, 2009 by Jay K · 1 Comment 

The Future of the New York Knicks is looking bright

The Future of the New York Knicks is looking bright

As a New York resident and long time anti-Knick basketball person, I must admit today I am proud to say that the Knicks aren’t that bad anymore.  I know… some of you guys are thinking this guy is crazy!! Well maybe just a little, but the Knicks are looking to be moving up from doormat to a middle-of-the-road team now.  Sure it’s not a huge turnaround but progress is made in baby steps. 

Chris Wilcox brings his 8.4 ppg and 5.3 rpg to NY

Chris Wilcox brings his 8.4 ppg and 5.3 rpg to NY

In exchange for Malik Rose (1.7 ppg/1.7 rpg/over 8.9 min) and cash consideration, the Knicks boosted thier front court by adding a solid rebounding and low post defender in Chris Wilcox.  By no means is he a superstar, he is infact the opposite, he is just a role player.  But he is a solid role player and he plays hard and he is athletic which fits in perfectly into Mike D’Antoni’s system.  With Wilcox in the picture they can now remove Jeffries from his duties at center and pull him off the bench or utilize him as a perimeter defender (which is why he was brought to NY in the first place). 

From a financial standpoint the Knicks lost about $900,000 in cap space since Rose had a larger contract than Wilcox.  However, Rose was clearly not being used by the Knicks and because the bottom half of the Eastern Conference race for the 8th spot is so tight the addition of Wilcox can help them make that late season push.

Larry Hughes is currently averaging 12.0 ppg/ 3.10 rpg/ 2.0 apg

Larry Hughes is currently averaging 12.0 ppg/ 3.10 rpg/ 2.0 apg

The move for Larry Hughes is a lot like a bittersweet moment.  The Knicks needed to fill the void at the two guard since the departure of Jamal Crawford, but essentially they got back a similar player in return.  Over his career Hughes has average 31 mpg and shoots 41%.  Although Knicks fans can rejoice because Jerome James has finally left the building, but I’m not so sure it was good move.  Wilson Chandler is having a coming out party this year and to insert Hughes into the lineup over Chandler would hinder his development and possible New York’s longterm plans.  The only way they could utilize Hughes properly is to plug him into the three spot and have him start over Q. Rich who is shooting an abismal 38.5% this year over 28.7 mpg.  The only other plus I see to this is that Larry Hughes was regarded as a top notch perimeter defender and steals leader back when he was in Washington.  However, that was almost 3 years ago and Hughes is clearly slowing down in that department, but yet still relatively effective.

Financially this trade has no real rammifications unless if Jerome James decides to retire in advance, in which it would seem that Chicago has gotten the best of New York once again in these swaps that we constantly have with one another. 

Yet in spite of all my negativity I will say this.  Donnie Walsh has made his plan very clear.  Let D’Antoni pick the supplies he wants to make dinner with, and he’ll go out and get them.  The addition of these two players has added greater athleticism and extended the depth of the bench.  The greatest benefit is that it does not hurt them in the run for 2010 and has created greater excitement for NY basketball fans, in hopes that the Knicks can make the playoffs this year.  The only real question is: why bother making the playoffs when your going to end up playing the Celtics or the Cavs in the first round?

Knicks trade for Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox at trade-deadline

February 19, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Larry Hughes of the New York Knicks

Larry Hughes of the New York Knicks

Donnie Walsh is starting to look like a genius, just when New York had wrote this team off they make a splash and pick up two expiring contracts, for the rest of this season. This will not only put them in the running for the Big 2010 free agency  mob, it will also give the New York Knicks a chance at this season’s postseason. The trade for Larry Hughes consisted of Tim Thomas, Anthony Roberson, Jerome James being sent in a package to the Bulls for the SG. Chris Wilcox was picked up in a straight up deal with Oklahoma City for Malik Rose. The Knicks just got two players that may start for one bench player and four not even in the rotation. Great Work Donnie Walsh!

Chris Wilcox of the New York Knicks

Chris Wilcox of the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks just don’t know how to finish

February 11, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

mike dantoni knicks nc1 The New York Knicks just dont know how to finish

Nate The Great Robinson

Nate "The Great" Robinson

Mr. Double Double

Mr. Double Double

I have been quite upset with the Knicks this season. With the hiring of Mike D’Antoni, the Knicks have promised playoffs for the fans this year. The thing is I can’t see it happening. The reason it can’t happen is simple,  you can’t win games when you can’t finish. Literally the last 5 games the Knicks have played pathetic in the 4th quarter. It’s depressing and awful, considering that the talent on this squad seems to have been raised with the acquisition of Al Harrington, Chris Duhan and the promising play of Nate Robinson, David Lee and Wilson Chandler. I really think this team has the potential to be a 4 seed, yet they just seem to be to green. Well time will only tell if they can take that 8 spot and make the playoffs like D’Antoni promised.

Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler

Why has the NBA become so unpopular??

February 3, 2009 by Jay K · 4 Comments 

kobe angry 300x227 Why has the NBA become so unpopular??

A little bit more than a decade ago Basketball was at it’s peak of popularity.  People questioned how the NBA be so popular and how come football took a backseat to both basketball and baseball.  Critics and fans a like said it was because of the fact that football players wore helmets that masked their faces.  Others said that people wanted to see a skill sport rather than one that required and rewarded strength over talent.

Today the NBA is a shell of what it used to be.  In fact it has been for years.  Since Michael Jordan’s third and final retirement a lot of the luster, excitement, and entertainment has left the industry.  Some may point out that scoring is higher than ever.  Although that may be true, the fact of the matter is that the way that players are scoring points has caused the game to actually slow down dramatically.  Ever since the rule of no hand checking along the perimeter has been in place, faster players like Tony Parker and Rajon Rondo have been abusing the painted area.  Although guard play was what David Stern was hoping to incorporate into the game, it slowed it down due to several of ticky tack fouls being called.

The result was higher scoring, but it was all done at a stand still pace… at the foul line.  Look at Kobe Bryant last night at the Garden for example.  He drops 61 points on the New York Knicks, 20 of which came from the free throw stripe (He went 20/20 at the line).

Another reason comes from over this past summer in which we saw referree Tim Donaghy ruined much of the little credibility the NBA had left.  Do you remember about 5 years ago the Lakers and Spurs were playing in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.  Derek Fisher hit a jumper with 0.3 seconds left on the clock.  From my recollection, they deemed it impossible to even tap a ball in without at least 0.4 seconds remaining on the clock.  Now I’m not a Spurs fan or a Laker hater but anyone who saw that game can see that the clock started late, and they gave Fisher enough time to do a turn-catch-and-shoot.

Parity, it doesn’t exist.  Even today with both conferences looking more and more similar record wise.  The fact of the matter is that only two or three teams from each conference have a legitimate chance in winning the title.  That doesn’t seem so bad right?  Well these are the same teams every year for about a 2 to 3 year period.  San Antonio, Cleveland, Detriot (Not so much this year), and Phoenix (they too have fallen off) prior to last year’s finals were doned to be in the Conference Finals at the minimum.

Rewards for individual achievements for a team based game.  It is a given that you cannot win 1 on 5.  Yet there is the MVP award.  This wouldn’t be so bad except the MVP voting makes no sense.  The Best player on the Best Team?  Then why didn’t KG win it last year like he should have?  Or is it the best overall player, Then why did Dirk Nowitzki win the MVP (I’m a huge Dirk fan)?  The voting system makes no sense and the MVPs each year seem to baffle the true fans.  Nash should have won when Dirk won.  Shaq should have won when Nash won his first MVP.  Kidd should have won, when Duncan won his second MVP.

Empathy.  The fans don’t see themselves in the players.  Most of these players are arrogant and selfish and only desire money.  For the few times a year we get to play ball with our buddies and friends we play with team work, desire to win, and above all else because we love it.  Players these days care only about the dollar in a sport that has lost its ability to create a team first mentality.  Look at Gilbert Arenas he signed for $111 million over six years only to not even step on the court once this year.  He claimed to be a heroic icon by saving his team millions, while in actuality has crippled them financially and doesn’t even play.

Some say there is a race element involved in it as well but I don’t believe it.  Most football players are black(except at quarterback and on the O-line).  Most baseball players are hispanic (at least a majority of the most famous ones).  Yet these sports are the two most watched and profitable in the nation.  The fact of the matter is that basketball has become slow due to rule changes (hand checking on the perimeter, no-charge zone, zone defenses(No more illegal defense)).  People don’t like the players (Kobe – accused of rape, Shaq – adultry, Jamal Tinsley & Ron Artest – do I really have to list this?, the Palace at Auburn Hills, over paid players, focus on race (Yao and Yi to reach to Asian Markets)).  This league has lost its depth, and more importantly it has lost its passion and its beauty.  If you don’t believe me then think back to when the Heat played the Nuggets this past year and the hype was that Dick Vitale was going be commenting the game….Not the game itself.

Kobe breaks MSG record of most points scored at MSG

February 2, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Kobe Bryant may have that same look on his face at the end of this season too.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe has already started 2009 with a bang. This week Kobe played the way legends do. Kobe put in 61 points against the New York Knicks in their home arena, breaking Bernard King’s long time record of 60 points. The funny thing is when you think about it this point total is 20 points less then his personal best…my lord, Kobe is the #1 player in the NBA…Nuff said!

Baron Davis to the New York Knicks?

January 26, 2009 by AlexV · 3 Comments 

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

There have been some talks lately about Baron Davis being possibly traded away from the Clippers already to the Knicks. It is somewhat surprising since he has been with them for barely half a season, but then again it isn’t. The Clippers have talent and yet are not even competitive. Teams like the Wolves and even Thunder are playing tougher and more admirably than this team. If Baron Davis wants to leave already (or his team wants to get rid of him), then that must mean that things are pretty bad. But you know what… I don’t care.

Baron Davis in the spotlight

Baron Davis in the spotlight

I think it would be awesome to see Davis become a Knickerbocker, because he would be coached by Mike D’Antoni, and I am almost certain that a similar fast-paced offense like the one he had with Steve Nash in Phoenix will surmise.

It is not as if the Knicks don’t already play a fast-paced offense, but with a point guard who can actually run and gun, it would be great. I think lots of people look at Davis as a scorer, but he can dish it out too. And don’t get me wrong. Chris Duhon has been great, but he ain’t no run-gunner.

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

Finally, if there’s one thing he can do better than Nash, it’s play defense. He may not be highly-touted for it, but he can definitely get some big stops and steals. I think if Davis goes to New York, it’s instant playoffs for them, and they could definitely cause problems for someone in the second round if they were to escape the first.

Steve Nash to the Knicks?

December 18, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Steve Nash and Dirk

Steve Nash and Dirk

I was reading the daily news recently and I stumbled on a article by Frank Isola. The article was basically about the fact that Steve Nash misses his coach and would be willing to come to New York in 2010. Is Bill Parcells coaching the New York Knicks? Who thinks up this stuff? Do you really think D’antoni thinks, “Lets just move all the stars of my last squad to my new one.” I mean do we just want the Knicks rosters and Sun’s rosters just switching jerseys like this? Message to Dolan “These SUNS NEVER WON A TITLE”. Come on D’Antoni bring me new blood, bring me better defenders and whatever you do, just please don’t combo up Nash and Amare in 2010. I would be more upset, than the first movie critics to watch Kazaam. In fact if that were to happen we could petition that the team name should be changed to the New York Geriatrics. If I see the Knicks pick up an aging superstar in 2010 who is over 33 I will be furious, There is just to much young talent available in this free agent class. Dirk and Nash should be crossed of the Knicks wish list already!
trans Steve Nash to the Knicks?

Duhon, Harrington and Chandler push Knicks above Nets

December 11, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Al Harrington suits up as a Knick

Al Harrington of the New York Knicks

The highly favored Nets did not pull through on Wednesday night at the IZOD center. Rather they fell victim

Wilson Chandler draws contact and the foul

Wilson Chandler draws contact and the foul

to below par New York Knicks team by a score of 121-109. The Knicks trailed early in the game allowing Devin Harris 14 points in the 1st quarter. It seemed like this night was destined to be a failure from the beginning for the Knicks, we have grown accustomed to seeing. Yet, some thing has changed within the New York Knicks, this team now after the departure of Randolph and Crawford and benching of Curry, refuse to quit. I almost hate to say this but Al Harrington plays with such passion while wearing his hometown orange and blue jersey, it’s almost inspiring. Al Harrington lead the knicks with 39 pts, 13 Rebounds, 3 Assists. The Knicks never lead in the 1st half and were getting pushed around until Tim Thomas took over in the 3rd putting up 9 points in about 1 minute. This sparked the crowd and Al Harrington to get to work. Chris Duhon had another great double double performance, with 10 pts and 10 assists. Chandler, who also put up big numbers, rebounded from his bad night in Chicago putting up 24 pts, 9 rebounds, 3 assists.

In other news:

Cuttino Mobley is going to announce his retirement from the NBA tommorow. He is retiring due to a heart condition that will prohibit him from playing basketball. This heart complication was caught during his physical conducted during his trade from the Clippers to the knicks this year. This is pretty upsetting story, but atleast he isn’t going to sit on the knicks bench and collect a paycheck while he gets fat and doesn’t work hard, due to his “injury or condition”. I applaud Cuttino for knowing when to get out. For Mobley I know there will be life after Basketball. Thats more than what I can say for some knicks!

The New York Knicks might not be that bad

December 9, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

knicks logo The New York Knicks might not be that bad

I will fully admit that I have been a Marbury supporter throughout the entire fiasco of this season. I believed that the kid from Brooklyn could bring us a championship. I still think he is the New York Knicks most talented guard, yet I am starting to realize that the Knicks aren’t even in bad shape, without him. They have all been playing so well this season. Nate Robinson has put his name on the map whenever he wasn’t hurt and got minutes. Wilson Chandler has shown huge potential and is on the verge of turning into a superstar wing man. Yet, there are two players that deserve special recognition.  These two players that are making this season happen.

David Lee Relaxs with the Ladies!

David Lee Relaxs with the Ladies!

The first player I would like to talk about is the cornerstone of the New York organization, Mr. David Lee. Known by some in New York as “Doctor Leebound”. This aggressive young man, plays tenaciously under the boards and does all the dirty work that needs to be done to win games. Unlike Eddy “Fatness” Curry, David is a hard worker and a tough guy which makes up for his lack of size at the center position. David Lee is a breed of player which sadly enough that seems to be dissolving from the league. Nevertheless, I hope he makes the All-star team, because quite frankly he deserves it. The man has averaged 14.4 points and 10.2 rebounds per game. Yep David Lee averages a double double. That’s pretty tough to shallow isn’t it. He actually has just as many double doubles as Tim Duncan right now with 12 on

David Lee Center of New York Knicks

David Lee Center of New York Knicks

the year. This year he has looked like a superstar posting up a numbers comparable to none, for example this year he put up 37 points 21 rebounds game against The Warriors. This guy works hard and does what he needs to do to fit the new system and give his team the edge in any game. Therefore, he is All Star in my book.

Chris Duhan has played like Steve Nash did under Mike D'Antoni, this season for the Knicks

Chris Duhan has played like Steve Nash did under Mike D

The second player i wished to talk about is Chris Duhan. Is it me or the Knicks hell bent on picking up all of the Chicago Bulls scraps, and B side players. Literally at one point we had Crawford, Eddie Curry and Chris Duhan. To me that is just funny. Yet I think this time maybe the knicks are in luck. Obviously I hated this kid before he even stepped into the door at MSG, but I have grown to see that he has fulfilled a huge hole in this knicks organization. He has became a team leader. I did not believe this player would have been such a gifted talent considering he was the Bulls 3rd string PG. I was very upset, in fact, when I heard the rumor, The Knicks are going to trash Marbury in order to start Duhan. Which did turnout to be true. I wanted to vomit at the idea of Chris Duhan, being the “The REAL PG of the New York Knicks”. My nausea was not necessary it turns out, because This season he has had moments of greatness. When a player brakes the assist record for The New York Knicks at 22, that is something special. This guy has heart. Just look at the minutes he plays. Some players can give you 35 minutes, but in that 35 minutes you might not get 100% of the player. He may take brakes and loose concentration, this is not Duhan, he has been averaging 40 minutes per game and plays every possession like it was the first or last. He forces turnovers and he feeds open teamates using Mike D’Antoni’s system.  Honeslty the last couple of games he has started to look like Steve Nash. Right now he is averaging more assists per game than Nash actually.  Chris Duhan is the truth and when he is not on the floor the Knicks look like a terrible team. Chris recently lead the Knicks to victory against the Detroit Pistons in a large upset 104-92. He played for 48 minutes in the uptempo system, which must be brutal, yet he pushes on. Chris has been focal point for the media, and they have also attempted to trick him and say controversial statements about Marbury. Chris Duhan is a solid man, and refuses to converse about such things, unlike idiot child Q. If Duhan does not go to All Star game It will be a travesty, for New York Knicks fans world-wide.

Knicks are in trouble…

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Allen Iverson cuts to the basket on a unaware Knicks Team

Allen Iverson cuts to the basket on a unaware Knicks Team

The New York Knicks, supposedly need to gel, according to Mike D’Antoni. I fear that no amount of time will fix the Knicks woes. The Knicks have absolutely no defense. I mean during The Tuesday night Piston game they made just 4 stops in the 2nd half and the announcer started talking about how they are trying to turn around their Defensive troubles. Mike D’Antoni’s system does not focus on defense, which it should, Mike believes in out scoring all and any opponents. With the players they have you’d think they be able to make some stops. I mean Wilson Chandler is one of the longest and most athletic SG/SF in the east, Al Harrington was drafted as a defensive specialist, Chris Duhan was said to be a great defender when he was picked up, so why do they suck so bad? The answer is quite obvious, they are the New York Knicks. They have a losing persona, and that is not changing anytime soon, even if they get what they want in 2010.

Al Harrington suits up as a Knick

Al Harrington suits up as a Knick

Al Harrington first suited up as a Knick on the 25th of November, His first start was on the 26th against the Pistons. He has loads of potentail in this system, not a bad pickup for fantasy basketball. Another noteable aqquistion will be Tim Thomas. He will fit in great in this system, since he already knows it, all he needs to do is get into running shape. Tim Thomas could be a 20 point 10 rebound guy, so if you need help in FFBB take a shot on this guy.

Marbury refuses minutes because of hurt feelings??

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Stephon Marbury

Disgruntled Knicks Point Guard, Stephon Marbury

I have been reading a lot about the new Marbury fiasco and I have grown tired of it. I love Starbury more than any other fan. I have followed his entire career and I have looked up to him for as long as I can remember. I remember when he was still in High School, playing out of Coney Island and developing his game on pavement courts city wide. This kid had so much potential, but I am starting to believe his attitude has finally gotten the best of him. Marbury’s story should be a lesson to all, that abilitiy must be accompanied with the proper attitude in order to be successful. Marbury had a great opportunity to play with a much

Stephon Marbury playing in the Mcdonalds HS All-American game

Stephon Marbury playing in the McDonald's HS All-American game.

improved Knicks team, and he dismissed it. Without a doubt the organization had not treated Marbury correctly but this was a chance for Marbury to prove his worth, so at the very least at the end of this season, other teams could have bid top dollar to sign him. Has anyone ever heard of a player who refuses to play in his contract year? I am starting to wonder if he can still play to the level that we were accustomed to seeing. Mike D’Antoni without a doubt is bringing the team in a new direction, considering they are over .500, and they are the top scoring team in the NBA. They were planning a move from the beginning (I am sure of it). It could be possible that they were saving Marbury in case of this event, because at his ripe age, you never can be certain that he does not get bit by the injury bug.

Mike D’Antoni press conference

Knicks shock world, and trade leading scorer!!

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Jamal Crawford rises up out of New York

Jamal Crawford rises up out of New York

Jamal Crawford was sent to Golden State today in a trade deal that will bring disgruntled Foward Al Harrington to New York. Mike D’Antoni has had his eyes on this player for a long time, ever since Harrington had gone public with his distaste for his basketball situation in golden state. Now, the big question is who is going to be the big shooter for the knicks? Is it possible that Mike D’Antoni will now look back to Steph, to come replace crawford? Is it possible that he has played everyone for a sap, resting Steph keeping him fresh, for when he would move Jamal! Could it be that he increased Jamal’s value ?

Knicks new Foward AL Harrington

One thing is for certian, Donnie Walsh is making changes. The next trade on the table is Zach Randolph, who has been supposively place with Mardy Collins in a deal for Tim Thomas & Cuttino Mobley of the Golden State Warriors. I don’t see the point of this trade, though. Hopefully Walsh will get more back than just Thomas and Mobley cause personally I don’t see the value in that trade.

Mike D’Antoni Infuses New Life into the New York Knicks

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Mike D'Antoni has made good so far in his tenure with the Knicks as Head Coach.

Mike D'Antoni has made good so far in his first stint with the Knicks.

So far this season, the New York Knicks are 4-2 and have posted some very impressive victories. The latest of which came earlier when the Knicks knocked off the Utah Jazz at Madison Square Garden by a score of 107-99 earlier today.

In the Knicks’ four victories they have averaged 110.5 points per game, and all have been quite convincing. Those kinds of numbers seem to be a direct reflection of a Mike D’Antoni coached team. Everyone who watches basketball knows what kinds of numbers the Suns put up when D’Antoni was in Phoenix.

Many people may have criticized D’Antoni and his decision to have starting point guard Stephon Marbury sit out. However, the players seem to be finding their roles under the steady direction of a more true point guard, if not nearly as talented, in Chris Duhon.

Hopefully for the Knicks, they can continue to build of this success.

Stephon Marbury: Breaking News Update

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Stephon Marbury will play with a New thirst to excel after riding the bench

Stephon Marbury will play with a New thirst to excel after riding the bench

Stephon Marbury has been headlining the news for the last three days, and Sportsroids has consulted with a source who says that, “Stephon may see time sooner than most people think.” Considering he is currently being paid 22 million this year, the source stated, “the New York Knick’s management wants to make the most of that investment.” So there is the inside SportsRoids scoop. Marbury will be placed into the rotation within the next month and activated. Also to address all the trade talk rumors, I need to just pose one question, “why would the Knicks trade an expiring 22 million dollar contract if they want to have a chance at D. Wade or Lebron James?”

D’Antoni Knicks show promise in Season Opener

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Wilson Chandler finding faith in the New York Knicks new offense.

Wilson Chandler finding faith in the New York Knicks new offense.

The New York Knicks beat the Miami Heat tonight in the home-opener by a score of 120-115. The Knicks were more like the Suns then the usual Knicks we have grown to hate. Today, they played well,infused by young talent and great coaching, and grow an early lead. They put up a 15 point lead at half and had effectively extinguished the Heat early in the 3rd going up by 23 points. However, the team did slip back into it’s old tendencies and lacked the killer instinct, allowing the heat back into the game, letting Miami go on a late run. This late run only stopped when the Heat trailed by 3 points. The Knicks looked great without the help of Stephan Marbury and The teams resident fatty, Eddie Curry. Mike D’antoni, heard chants of , “We want steph! We want Steph!” in the 3rd quarter. It was obvious that Mike was not happy about this when he responded, “Are you F***ing kidding me?”. Stephan’s supposed replacement Chris Duhan did not look impressive at all, yet Nate Robinson did. Nate ended the game with 13 points 7 assists. Another notable young player was Wilson Chandler. He quite simply looked great, and will be a big player for this team all year. If your looking for a fantasy sleeper, Chandler is your guy. In the 2nd quarter he dunked over Shawn Marion and Haslem with authority. Chandler ended with 17 points and 9 rebounds.  Jamal Crawford once again put up big numbers leading all scorers with 29 points. irrefutably, the knicks played better but the what is going to happen to Marbury? Regardless, he is indefinitely the best guard not to start in the NBA.

Marbury Does What He must, BIG DEAL!

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Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury

I am sick and tired of hearing about how steph has changed. Last year he walked out on the New York Knicks right before a road series match up. Seriously, the guy is crazy. I hope everyone realizes that since the knicks did not trade or release Starbury from his contract, he must play nice or else he will risk his future NBA career, due to the fact this is the final year of his contract. Marbury is without a doubt the most

Where's Marbury

Where is Step?

talented guard on the New York Knicks. I mean seriously, who else is there. Jamal Crawford? AKA Captain Clutch AKA 34 % from the Field. Nope, who else? I’ve been hearing a lot of hype on 37 year old Allan Houston. I am sure he won’t make any difference on the court for the New York Knicks considering he is trying to comeback at the age of 37, on two micro-fracture surgery repaired knees. I am sorry but the odds of him being effective are just not that high. Either way he does help this team. He may help fix the losing attitude they have had in the locker room over the past couple of years. He also becomes a much needed veteran leader. I do like them signing Houston but I do not think he will be a impact on the floor this year.

Allan is so old, that some of his best performances were agianst MJ

Allan is so old, that some of his best performances were against MJ

I confess I am a loyal Knicks fan, but honestly what is up with them signing all the backups on the Chicago Bulls? I mean seriously the Knicks are starting to look like the Bulls B side team or something. They need to shop around a little bit more when before just making moves for back up players and seriously mugged by the bulls in trades.

I love my Knicks but this season they really need to show me something…