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T.O. issues again? Come on Jerry get him the rock!

December 13, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

funny to crying T.O. issues again? Come on Jerry get him the rock!Terrell Owens, is up to his old tricks again. But who can blame him. No balls= no playoffs for the shotty Dallas Cowboys. We have found an old video that a lot of Dallas fans can now relate to ! Tony don’t be silly throw him the ball! I am sorry but if you allow T.O. to have only 55 receptions by week 14 something is wrong. Kevin Walter is rated higher than him for Pete’s sake. I realize that T.O. has had a trouble childhood, and always feels like an outsider, which is something he hates. Can you really blame him for being passionate? Can you really blame him for trying to make a change to help his team? Jason Witten has definitely been overused, and I am sorry if I had to choose between T.O. and Witten it should be obvious. Tony do the right thing, dance with the girl that brought you. Without T.O. you might not have lasted in the NFL, or have ever become a starter! Remember it was T.O. who went to bat to get you the starting position over Bledsoe. So Tony give that man the respect he deserves! Your not Donovan Mcnabb, life without T.O. could be a disaster for you. He is a superstar, yes aging, but still a superstar. Come on Tony show him the love!