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About Us

Sportsroids was founded by two friends, Mark and David. They had the idea to create a website, where all opinions could be heard and not censored out by the tainted media. The plan began to take shape and over the course of several months they had recruited several great authors and started a trial website, in which the authors were allowed to post whatever they wanted, whatever they felt. The trial site soon received a lot of attention as well as traffic, proving the fact that real ideas from real people is something people want. The Site received so much activity the site received high ranks from google and several other search engine sites. It is due to the success of the site sportsroids has decided to open up officially. Giving a voice to anyone who wishes to speak and informing all about the news the media might or might not want you to know about.

Sportsroids Mission Statement

Sportsroids is a non biased real world gathering for sports enthusiasts to share up to date news, information and content within the sports world. We cover all major sports and sports figures. We provide expert analysis on all current sports issues and events through our world class expertise. <strong>Inject yourself into a world of opinions and cold hard facts.</strong>