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Big Ten = Big Problems

September 11, 2008 by sportsroids 

Big Ten Problems

by Madison Mad’nuff

Penn State

Penn State

Well Ever since Jimmy T. became the Head coach of Ohio State all he has done is win. But it seems like he has done it, at the cost of the rest of the Big Ten. Wrestling recruits away from the other teams, locking up great coaches, beating the mess out of what is supposed to be his equal…Michigan. Jimmy T. is poised to go to a third straight BCS Championship game, but it seems no one else in the Big Ten will even have a shot. What happened? The Big Ten used to be The Conference that produced the winners. But not any more. Let’s face it, they are dismal at best. It is likely Jimmy T., since taking all the recruits and top coaches every year preventing the other teams from getting better, has prevented the other teams in the teams in the big 10 from getting better while his team has arguably been ranked year in and year out #1 at the beginning of the season. Oh how the mighty have fallen and after week one of College football it seems it will be at least another year before the Big Ten is back to its Old Glory.

And speaking of Glory, check this out!

Nice Naked Backs ladies. I love girls that know what they like!

Nice naked backs ladies. I love girls that know what they like!


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