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Joe Calzaghe Retains Title against Roy Jones Jr.

November 9, 2008 by AlexV 

calzaghe vs jr Joe Calzaghe Retains Title against Roy Jones Jr.

Almost the entire night of the Calzaghe versus Jones fight on Saturday November eighth was dominated by the Welshman. All night long Calzaghe seemed to be toying with the older, and past his prime 39 year old Jones.

Jones only moments of glory came off a first round knockdown when he caught Calzaghe with a left hook and drove in with a low right hook into a ducking Calzaghe, catching him with his forearm rather than his fist. After that, in one of the earlier rounds as well, Jones caught Calzaghe with a clean uppercut.  Aside from those highlights, it was all Calzaghe.

The tide had turned for the 36 year old when he cut open Jones’ left eye. From then on Jones was pinned against the ropes by constant flurries of combos from his opponent. Although the combos were mostly blocked by Roy Jones, they ultimately kept Jones out of rhythm and he could never match Calzaghe punch for punch.

Finally, when Calzaghe began to showboat for what seemed like almost the last eight rounds of the fight, it further locked him in as the winner as the judge’s votes were unanimously in his favor.





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