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McNabb, has always needed more respect from philly fans

November 25, 2008 by MarkM 

donovan mcnabb signing McNabb, has always needed more respect from philly fansSeriously what is going on in Philly? Honestly, Donovan is heart of the team. With Westbrook hurting, he is their only option. Kevin Kolb is no Jeff Garcia. Donovan has proven his worth, over the donovan mcnabb qb1 300x291 McNabb, has always needed more respect from philly fanspast years, winning games with sub par personal. This organization has done nothing to set up Mcnabb, besides the acquisition of Terrell Owens. Philadelphia fans should realize he has put up great numbers without a star receiver over the past 10 years. This guy is the real deal and if you boo him and don’t respect him your future really to me looks grim. Donovan has shown to be more than just talent and is without a doubt under appreciated. This team and organization and fan base is ass backwards. This kid is a winner, there is no arguing that. Philly fans better think next time they cheer his benching, because come next year he could be a Bear or even worse a Redskin.

Even after being a college standout

Donovan has been criticized in the NFL from his very first day


2 Responses to “McNabb, has always needed more respect from philly fans”

  1. Chris on November 25th, 2008 8:41 am

    McNabb has gone down hill, the whole organization for that matter. He’s not a pocket passer and attempts at making him one has only hurt his game further. He’s afraid to run anymore. He was a really good quarterback at one time when people feared him running. That fear is no longer there. Kolb could actually turn into a very good QB for the Eagles. True pocket passer, not a scrambler. Give the kid a chance.

    As far as him becoming a Bear (possibly) or a Redskin (doubtful – same division, eagles never let that happen, what’s worse letting someone go or letting someone go to a team that can beat you and knock you out of playoff contention, never happen. Look at Favre), probably more likely to be a Bear out of that standpoint.

  2. John Silva on November 25th, 2008 8:59 am

    D-nabb Bears 2010 BABY!!

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