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Fixing The BCS

January 17, 2009 by Theboinger 

The BCS Needs Some Fixing

The BCS Needs Some Fixing

Every year since its inception the BCS, specifically its voters, have made a mockery of the rankings resulting in at least one if not two undeserving teams playing for a National Championship. Thus resulting in a national outcry from college football fans for a playoff “system”. Bowl games are what separate NCAA football from any other sport. It makes it unique. The tradition of New Years Day bowl games are its Holy Grail.

A playoff would ultimately destroy college football as we know it. Politics aside I do have a few suggestions that I feel would lead to a more diplomatic approach in crowning a champion while still allowing for BCS rankings to play their part. Short of appointing me the “Bowl Czar” they are as follows:

1. INTEGRITY -  Eliminate all conference championship games and align all 120 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision schools into 10 conferences of 12 teams each.

2. CONTINUITY – Assure that all teams end their regular season on the same day. (First Saturday in December) All conference games must be completed no later than the third Saturday in November.

3. BALANCE – All teams will play 8 conference games as well as 4 non conference games. Non conference games to be determined by a power ranking. Power rankings will be determined by the previous years bowl results based on the winning percentage of each conference in their respective bowl games.

4. TRADITION – Conference champions would play each other New Years Day in the five major bowls; Rose, Orange, Sugar, Cotton and Fiesta. The BCS would continue to rank teams accordingly and the two highest ranked winners from these bowls would then play for a National Title.

Suggestion three would eliminate “cream puff” games from the non conference schedule. Teams would play two non conference games to start the season and two more to end the season. This would also give each team in each conference a chance to host a bowl type atmosphere home game at seasons end creating the revenue lost by the elimination of conference championship games.

Under this plan a sample of what the Gators, Sooners, Trojans and Utes non conference schedule would be as follows:

Gators: Boise St, Oklahoma, USC, Tulsa

Sooners: Florida, Utah, Cincinnati, Penn State

Trojans: Penn State, Troy, Florida, Cincinnati

Utes: Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Virginia Tech

I am not one for mathematical formulas but I am sure the BCS could and would adjust accordingly. Insuring two deserving teams play for the national title.


One Response to “Fixing The BCS”

  1. Big Tony on January 17th, 2009 3:22 pm

    The Bowl system is unique because no one else does anything like it; they don’t do anything like it because it’s stupid to use that system to determine a national champion. I actually posted my suggestion for keeping the bowls to some degree and holding a playoff that is listed on this very sight (see: http://sportsroids.com/2008/12/29/college-football-playoff/). That said, I applaud you for not just saying that you like the bowl system but giving an example of what might make it a more viable system for determining a national champion. Although I disagree with your sentiment, I give you a lot of credit for formulating a plan and not just saying “it sucks!” or “it’s great!” without defending/supporting your thought.

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