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Baron Davis to the New York Knicks?

January 26, 2009 by AlexV 

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

There have been some talks lately about Baron Davis being possibly traded away from the Clippers already to the Knicks. It is somewhat surprising since he has been with them for barely half a season, but then again it isn’t. The Clippers have talent and yet are not even competitive. Teams like the Wolves and even Thunder are playing tougher and more admirably than this team. If Baron Davis wants to leave already (or his team wants to get rid of him), then that must mean that things are pretty bad. But you know what… I don’t care.

Baron Davis in the spotlight

Baron Davis in the spotlight

I think it would be awesome to see Davis become a Knickerbocker, because he would be coached by Mike D’Antoni, and I am almost certain that a similar fast-paced offense like the one he had with Steve Nash in Phoenix will surmise.

It is not as if the Knicks don’t already play a fast-paced offense, but with a point guard who can actually run and gun, it would be great. I think lots of people look at Davis as a scorer, but he can dish it out too. And don’t get me wrong. Chris Duhon has been great, but he ain’t no run-gunner.

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

Finally, if there’s one thing he can do better than Nash, it’s play defense. He may not be highly-touted for it, but he can definitely get some big stops and steals. I think if Davis goes to New York, it’s instant playoffs for them, and they could definitely cause problems for someone in the second round if they were to escape the first.


3 Responses to “Baron Davis to the New York Knicks?”

  1. Mostie on January 27th, 2009 2:20 pm

    I’m no cap expert, but wouldn’t that ruin the Knicks hopes of getting Lebron?

  2. Mark M on January 29th, 2009 12:14 am

    This will all depend on who they will give up for Baron Davis. If you think about it if they lose Nate Robinson and Curry, or Marbury, Nate and Lee they could have a chance at Camby and Davis….I would sure hate to see Lee go But the knicks are going to need to pay him soon, If they do, they ? becomes will they be able to pull in a player like lebron… Personally, I feel lebron goes nowhere…..I think bosh is the knicks best bet for a superstar talent….I’d have to check the numbers but with Marbury’s expiring contract that is a trade that does make sense for both squads. You can’t keep davis when he is unhappy we all know that…..

  3. Michael Watkis on March 14th, 2009 6:47 am

    i think baron davis is the best point guard ever.if he goes to the big apple,its automatic second round playoffs.but whatever the knicks do to get baron davis,do not give up david lee.sooner or later david will be the leader for that team,he is young with plenty of talent.he doesnt start but as soon as he gets into the game the crowd goes wild.i dont want to put down chris duhon but he is not a baron davis and proably never be as good,but he would be on the bench.

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