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Ric Flair Makes an Appearance on Monday Night RAW

February 9, 2009 by AlexV 

 Ric Flair Makes an Appearance on Monday Night RAW

What’s up with Ric Flair stepping back into the ring for an episode of Monday Night RAW? I wonder if there’s some sort of storyline they are trying to develop, but if so, it can’t be that good. It kind of also means that some of what Chris Jericho was getting on him about tonight is true.

To open up RAW Ric Flair got into the ring and started riling up the crowd. Nothing really memorable was said here, and nothing that hinted at a possible storyline for the future or Wrestlemania. He just kept assuring the crowd that he would not return to the ring but that he still loved the business. Then comes in Jericho, bashing him about being a sellout and contemplating how long it would take Flair to return to the ring.

Jericho also went as far as to accuse Flair of living the life of the character that Mickey Rourke portrayed in the move “The Wrestler.” Finally, Flair couldn’t take it anymore and he cold-clocked Jericho in the face and onto the canvas.

Whatever Flair’s “return” means, I still don’t see the point of it. Even if he says he’s no sellout, does his “storyline story” really mean anything? But it probably does comes down to just a 50+ living cash cow coming back to do his thing.


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