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Step Up!

February 19, 2009 by Theboinger 

Lyle Alzado Wanted No One To Suffer As He Did In The End

Lyle Alzado Wanted No One To Suffer As He Did In The End

The truth will set you free. How many times have we heard this cliche? Enough is enough already. Getting caught cheating, lying, stealing or any other form of ill repute is not “admitting” to the crime itself. YOU GOT CAUGHT! HOLA? Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte, A-Rod and any other drug user on the ever growing list of athletes who got caught should not be credited with “admitting” to anything. That is not an admission it is more like a confession of guilt after the fact. So I ask you Sportsroiders will anyone out there really “step up” and come forward under their own volition and speak the truth without ratting out their friends or cousins and just plain admitting to having broken the law and cheated by taking steroids or HGH without having formerly been caught or charged with allegations?

Come on Derek Jeter. Just Do It!

Furthermore for the Curt Schilling Jamie Moyer crowd of athletes who are suddenly outraged by all the cheating I ask you this: Where were you guys for the last 26 years? How come you did not step up and demand testing for illegal substances, specifically steroids, if you are so horrified by all this. Do not tell me you did not see it going on. Do not even think of trying to tell me that the union would not allow it. Squeaky wheel gets the oil my friends and absolutely no one in baseball that is allegedly “clean” has ever come forward before now and been outspoken about this issue. As far as I am concerned you are all guilty. GUILTY! You helped make the bed you now lie in.

Someone please STEP UP!


One Response to “Step Up!”

  1. Mark M on February 19th, 2009 11:46 am

    Exactly…Everyone is lying without a doubt…A-Rod is a prick for getting his cousin screwed over, over some “Boilo” or whatever nonsense drug A-rod came up with. I love it how he can’t say the US street name!! Lets be honest, A-Rod has had a HGH cocktail and anabolic milkshake since he was 15 i assure you. For him to act so “Unknowing” of the steroids available in our modern market as well as the ones he used, is complete nonsense. I never took steroids but I sure knew about them as a D1 AA football player. He is full of it and to be honest i am sick of all the crying that our congress is doing..Stop wasting my tax dollars with these BS trials. Either legalize it, or jail all that do it! A-rod a guy who can cheat the US system…just like every other athlete who gets caught with enough narcotics to be charge with felony drug trafficking and intent to sell!

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