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Bud Selig

February 21, 2009 by Theboinger 

Worthless Booger Picking Idiot Bud Selig

Worthless Booger Picking Idiot Bud Selig

Is there a more worthless coward in professional sports than Bud Selig? No! There is not. This man is nothing more than a puppet on a string for MLB ownership of which he used to be a part. He was a terrible owner of a terrible franchise and now is the Commissioner of the most laughable and terrible product in sports history. Bud Selig is a big cry baby and a spoiled brat. He inherited the family business. As the old saying goes “you can always tell who built the empire and who inherited it.” He has watered down baseball with bad talent in bad markets with expansion. He was also a major player in the collusion scandal in baseball which thanks to his relationship with the media has gone relatively unnoticed in recent years yet still exists. 2012 cannot come soon enough. A year in which Selig plans to retire. THANK GOD! Many expect this to be the end of the world according to ancient Mayan calendars. Well I can tell you the village idiot is surely running the show in MLB.

He has created two teams in baseball in markets where the fan base would not know what a baseball was if you hit them in their aging elderly brains with one. He has initiated the worst rule in sports deciding home field advantage for the league championship be determined by it’s most meaningless game. His drug testing policy came 16 years after George Bush made steroids illegal in the U.S. A test that is now completely obsolete because they still have no test for HGH. Earth to Bud: you do not need a test for it. It is illegal. Therefore any player caught using should be banned for life. Much like Pete Rose was banned for his illegal gambling. Even David Stern, who allows the use of marijuana in his league, is laughing at you.

YOU ARE A JOKE BUD SELIG! And everyone knows it. The sooner you retire the better off we will all be. You are a disgrace to the game and this country. You are a nobody in the Hall of Shame of sports. You are a terrible human being, a worthless commissioner and common pimp among businessmen everywhere. YOU SUCK!


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