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T.O. sent to Buffalo!

March 8, 2009 by MarkM 

t owens presser T.O. sent to Buffalo!

Honestly, when I heard the Bills broke down and made a pact with the devil, I will admit, I was a bit jealous. Really, Terrell look where you landed buddy! ha-ha now he has to play second fiddle to the Beast Mode in the backfield. I personally think it’s sad watching Terrell pawning himself off to the highest bidder over the last couple of seasons, like some NFL whore or something. I really miss the T.O. who played with Rice and Young. The young hardworking guy who thought more about Superbowls than he did paychecks. I guess I really shouldn’t say anything about T.O. since I don’t have a close relationship with him, but what the hey everyone else is doing it. I love Terrell but I hate T.O.! Right now I can already hear the BS fantasy wanna be guru’s calling Trent Edwards to be a top performer next year, please people just stop it. THEY NEED A LINE NOT T.O. Really I hope that this move does not kill his career, playing for the BIlls of all teams. Come on Drew keep it together man. I always saw him going to the place where all NFL greats go to die, Washington!

Terrell doing what he does best, eating up QBs

Terrell doing what he does best, eating up QBs


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