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Bruins Can’t Handle Success?

March 19, 2009 by Big Tony 

bruins falling 300x186 Bruins Cant Handle Success?
What has happened to the Boston Bruins? That may seem like a weird question to be asking about a team that just posted their 100th point Thursday night but it is a legitimate one to ask. After spending most of the season shredding everyone in the league the Bruins have experienced a bad case of the hick-ups as of late. They have lost 11 games in the last month alone, and with a total of 27 losses for the year 11 is an awful lot to suffer in a relatively short period of time. Generally speaking it’s not as of Boston is doing one thing in particular wrong that simply needs to be corrected before the playoffs hit. Some nights their goaltending lets them down and they lose 6-4 and others they can’t find the back of the net and lose 2-0. There is plenty of blame to go around and the solution to the problem may be complicated but the end result is simple: if the Bruins don’t fix their issues they will not enjoy the playoffs for very long no matter who they play. Perhaps it’s a leadership issue since most of the guys on the team have not been very far into the playoffs—maybe the addition of Mark Recchi can help with that. It may be a coaching issue or simply a problem of execution, but whatever the reason it needs to be fixed and fast. Granted, the Bruins may have been a little disinterested with the end of the regular season since they were so far ahead of the team behind them. That is no longer the case however as the Devils have put themselves within striking distance of the Bruins for top honors in the east. No matter the reason the Bruins need to figure it out and quickly. With their early season success the expectations for the Bruins have only gone up and in a city where every other major sport has experienced a championship within the last four years the fans will not be very patient. As far as New England sports fans are concerned, going deep into the playoffs will not be enough for the Bruins, they need to win and they need to win RIGHT NOW.


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