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Jay Cutler should be a Lion after the NFL Draft Day

March 23, 2009 by MarkM 

detroit lions 2 284x300 Jay Cutler should be a Lion after the NFL Draft Day
Personally, I hate the way the lions do business in the NFL. I believe that they are the worst run organization from the ground up. They chew through coaches and QB’s faster than any other team in the NFL. They were even would dumb enough to act as if Kitna was a franchise QB. I am not a coach and even I knew that wouldn’t work out. Since, the Lions destroyed their relationship with Barry Sanders, they have just made big mistake after big mistake in the NFL Draft. Just thinking that they picked Joey Harrington than Charles Rogers in the very next year with the 2nd overall selection makes me sick to my stomach. They have concentrated too much on skill positions in that last decade of drafts but they have never addressed their needs at QB properly.

Yep thats the life of a Lions fan

Yep that's the life of a Lions fan

The Lions need a overhaul on the offensive line, yet, this season, the draft will be deep with OL’s. Therefore, there is more potential to get a great O-lineman later in the draft. Understanding that fact, they can try to land Cutler, by trading down the 1st overall selection with the Broncos. They will still be able to land a great OT in the 12th pick selection. If they don’t trade down and just trade the pick for Cutler with no other considerations the lions would still have a 20th pick in the first round, to address whatever other concerns they wish to fix through the draft. If the Lions don’t lock up Cutler by trading picks, they are just plain dumb in my eyes, because Cutler is a “Known” Franchise QB that you can build your team on. He is the real deal and has the experience to prove it. Can you say that about any other QB in the draft? No. Sanchez has a lot of upside and Stafford is really not battle tested, at least in the NFL. Jay Cutler could fill this role immediately, and the Lions could get him by trading down or trading the pick entirely.

Jay Cutler could be a big answer for the Lions problems

Jay Cutler could be a big answer for the Lions problems

Take the sure thing and go with Cutler seems pretty simple to me, so don’t screw this up, Lions management!!


One Response to “Jay Cutler should be a Lion after the NFL Draft Day”

  1. Steve Hotel on March 24th, 2009 10:57 am

    Id love for the Lions to get Cutler. He is a known franchise QB, but being a Lions fan for the 1st 25 years of my life, im very very sure they will screw this up. They are going to draft Stafford because hes “young” and cutler is a “cry baby”. Cutler is only 25 and a great QB, and Id love to see him in a Lions jersey, but c’mon it will never happen. Its like saying the Lions had a chance after their 4-0 preseason last year. How do you go 4-0 preseason, and lose to EVERYONE else. You are right, they have been run into the ground with Millen and Im sure someone will step up and take his place as the next moron in line to give me reason to laugh everyday.
    GO LIONS!!!

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