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Hockey is Great; NHL Please Don’t Screw it Up

March 26, 2009 by Big Tony 

hockey ref Hockey is Great; NHL Please Dont Screw it Up
After returning from the lockout the NHL instituted a whole new set of rule changes along with “stricter” enforcement of existing rules. And at first the games got to be frustrating to watch as players adjusted to the new officiating style of the “new” NHL. Now that a few years have passed and everyone has gotten used to the rule changes the game by almost all accounts has improved. Perhaps the trapezoid is an example of a bad rule that needs changing and putting face-offs after penalties in the defensive zone of the team who committed the penalty instituted this year is an example of a good tweak; but can we please leave the game alone. There is all this talk about how to change fighting and what to do about headshots well how about leaving the game alone? If people don’t like to fight then they don’t HAVE to fight, there’s no rule that says you MUST fight when asked. Also, as far as headshots go if the play is a dirty play then call a penalty but if it’s a clean hit that happens to be in the head then tell players to put their heads on a swivel and be aware that contact is coming! For those who think the game is too rough (players, coaches, managers, fans, etc.) then disassociate yourself with the game! Do/watch something else! Furthermore, the best way to increase scoring is for teams to play better on offense, not by making the goalie equipment smaller or increase the net size or cutting the goalpost size in half. I give credit where credit is due and the post-lockout game is a very good product but the NHL has to know when to say when. Just leave well enough alone and enjoy the amazing product being touted on the ice every night. The playoff races are closer than ever, the superstars seemingly get better and more fun to watch every year and viewership keeps increasing. The NHL need make a change after every season to make the game “better” because if this continues they will inevitably screw it up and then no one will be happy.


One Response to “Hockey is Great; NHL Please Don’t Screw it Up”

  1. Wiley on March 30th, 2009 2:31 pm

    There are still a bunch of things that need to be fixed. Automatic icing for one. Having some games count 3 points and others 2 points is another problem that should be addressed. If they can make the game better, by all means, keep tweaking.

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