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Make things Interesting – Have CM Punk Lose after Cashing in Money in The Bank

May 4, 2009 by AlexV 

For two years in a row he's Money In The Bank. But for two years in a row, him using it for cheap title reign is old.

For two years in a row he's Money In The Bank. But for two years in a row, him using it for a cheap title reign is old.

Looks like the Pepsi logo tattoo laden CM Punk, aka Money in the Punk, is so eager to live up to his name one more year by becoming champion like a punk. Last year, Punk capitalized on Batista’s beat down of Edge on the opening segment of an episode of Monday Night RAW the night after a Pay-Per-View which saw Edge cheat like a mother heffer just to beat him. At the time, World Heavyweight Champion Edge was “incapacitated.” Then out came the biggest Punk of all… CM Punk, cashing his Money In The Bank, administering a GTS, and scoring the pin fall to become one of the lightest Heavyweight Champions in recent WWE history. What a crock, and what a punk.


This past Friday on Smackdown, CM Punk was looking to cash in his briefcase again. The night’s matchup card already had Punk facing Edge in an exhibition contest in the main event. Punk then made a stipulation where if he won the match, he was going to instantly cash in his Money In The Bank, hit a GTS, and then pin that punk (not himself). However, shortly after CM Punk got Edge to go to sleep, Umaga came in and pummeled him before the referee cold ring the bell to start the match.


Here’s the thing. I don’t mind it too often when wrestlers slime their way into title opportunities and reigns. In fact, I think it’s quite hilarious. However, when the man being dubbed the Straight Edge Superstar keeps doing it, I just don’t see how it helps his reputation. CM Punk is a pretty big fan favorite, but when he keeps weaseling his way into titles like this, I feel his character loses respect. Because of this, I hope that when he finally does cash in his opportunity that he screws it up. I hope whoever he attempts to pin counters his GTS with their own finisher, and lays him out cold for a quick pin. And no matter what anyone thinks, that probably will happen eventually to one of the Money In The Bank winners just to keep things unpredictable. I just hope it happens to CM Punk.


2 Responses to “Make things Interesting – Have CM Punk Lose after Cashing in Money in The Bank”

  1. Ben on May 18th, 2009 10:49 pm

    100% Agree. The whole Punk/MITB thing is getting boring, i hope he cashes it and gets his ass kicked.

    Long live the Rated R Superstar!!!

  2. Chris on May 23rd, 2009 12:01 am

    It doesn’t matter how he won the title. He was lost his title in a match. He was stripped of it for not being able to compete. You’re talking about how CM Punk won the title that way but didn’t Mr, Adam Copeland, the guy Punk took the belt from, take the title TWICE in that exact same fashion. He beat Cena after Cena competed in a fucking ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH. Then he beat Undertaker after he competed in a STEEL CAGE MATCH. Plus Taker got mobbed by Mark Henry after he retained. So if anyone’s a punk it’s Edge. Plus Punk tried to cash in after he beat Edge in a singles match and was interfered with. Edge wouldn’t have the title without Big Show’s help and wouldn’t have retained without Matt Hardy’s help.

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