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Lebron James has had surgery to remove a tumor!

June 4, 2009 by MarkM 

jay lebron Lebron James has had surgery to remove a tumor!

A chance to win it all apparently isn’t the only thing that Lebron is losing this off-season, apparently he has had a tumor removed. He is currently recovering in an Ohio Hospital. The Doctors removed what they called, “a benign tumor”. Lebron must be enjoying the sponge baths and jello, because the media has really been getting after him, after his playoff departure. The tumor was removed because it was pushing and restricting the gland responsible for saliva. The expectation is that this tumor removal went great and Lebron should be fully recovered in 2 weeks. King James, now lighter, may be planning to top Kobe’s stunt and jump over a Peterbilt semi-truck, because this year the MVP won’t be playing for a title, so he might as well do something. Maybe he can go chill with Jay Z in Westchester!

lebronjames Lebron James has had surgery to remove a tumor!

All hail the king. 2010 is only one year away!


One Response to “Lebron James has had surgery to remove a tumor!”

  1. stacks on June 5th, 2009 9:53 am

    very interesting…with all of the attention that lebron gets for everything else, i’m a little surprised that this hasn’t gotten more coverage

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