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Meet Brett “The Grim” Rogers, the new Mr. T

June 7, 2009 by MarkM 

brett rogers 0 Meet Brett The Grim Rogers, the new Mr. T

On June 6th Brett “The Grim” Rogers entered his 10th professional fight undefeated. 22 seconds later he left the same way. Roger is starting to make a stir things up beating up once great superstar Andrei Arlovski in such a dominating fashion. Brett Stands at 6′5 and weighs around 265 pounds. Brett used to work at Sam’s club and he is a real blue collar champion in my eyes. I will admit this guy is not the next Mr. T because Brett is way to chubby (and he is a real fighter), but I just want to say I love this guys style and the Mohawk.This guy has it. But lets see if he can keep this streak going. Rogers is 10-0 and “The Grim” is my undefeated prospect to keep an eye on. Rogers may have a big future ahead of him! So just keep watching him! The UFC could be Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, soon enough!


One Response to “Meet Brett “The Grim” Rogers, the new Mr. T”

  1. The ILL SilverBack on June 30th, 2009 5:59 pm

    Brett is my friend and teammate of the last few years, very proud of him…trust me the world haven’t seen the half of what he is capable of…he’s way more versatile than what he shows. Chubby or not…he very explosive and moves very well for a guy who walks around at 290lbs…, he can roll with most 170lbs. Believe it or not … look at how fast he closed da distance on Arlovski…

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