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WWE’s Extreme Rules Continues the Passing of the Torches

June 8, 2009 by AlexV 

CM Punk does it again the only way he can... by being a punk...

CM Punk does it again the only way he can... by being a punk...

What happened last night at Extreme Rules? Four titles changed hands. This is actually a little interesting because I’m sure that doesn’t happen too often. We’ve seen plenty of Pay-Per-Views where the top two titles (WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship) will change hands but not two more for a total of four.

The one that concerns me is Batista taking down Randy Orton for his WWE Championship. Orton is somewhat of a transitional champ. He isn’t really defending his title against numerous opponents, but rather, keeps defending it against the same guys in each stint and then eventually loses to one of them. That just continues to make his character look like a bickering baby who should have never been champion in the first place. Plus, Batista is a meathead.

I am very interested in the Smackdown decision. This is not because CM Punk cashed in his MITB, and although I am quoted as saying I would love to see CM Punk cash it in and perhaps have Umaga run down and Samoan drop him so that he loses his opportunity anyway, (and that sadly can never happen because Umaga was released today for reasons undisclosed), I am actually happy with this result. One reason… a face player cheap-shotted another face player. That could lead to some very good intrigue.

As for the intercontinental title, I do not care much. That title has always changed hands frequently, and it’s good to see two main eventers competing for it. I am also happy for Tommy Dreamer. I guess you could say his hard work paid off, but it also seems like a “pat-on-the-back” pension plan for a loyal old dog.

I really liked Tommy Dreamer’s effort in the ring and thought of him as the best jobber (perhaps undeservedly so) in the business. I’ll miss him.


3 Responses to “WWE’s Extreme Rules Continues the Passing of the Torches”

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  2. nickytightpaints on June 21st, 2009 9:00 pm

    Another bad article by a poor excuse who calls himself a wrestling fan. Have you ever heard of the Pay Per View called Night of Champions? Yea didn’t think so. Because only an idoit writes this crap up above. Tommy Dreamer was and will never be a jobber he just does what is right for the business. Putting people over when he has to and helping the business out in every way he can. The real jobber is of course you because like your articles you suck and so do the picks you make in every other sport tool. Honestly why don’t you learn about the history of wreslting (Mispelled!) or watch the wrestling round table so you can finally get educated and not be mr. obvious when it comes to these shitty wrestling articles moron!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. I am gay!!

  3. AlexV on June 22nd, 2009 6:51 pm

    Jobbers are in the game to put people over, that’s what Tommy Dreamer does. A guy who wrestles in wind breaker pants is not going to be a consisten champ, plus he’s losing the title at the next Pay-Per-View anyway.

    By the way, if you are gay, that is fine. I won’t discriminate. Just make sure you stay on that side of the blog.

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