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Sportsroids.com Salutes The Nike Str8-FIT Driver!

June 14, 2009 by MarkM 

Nike Str8-FIT Driver with Wrench

Nike Str8-FIT Driver with Wrench

Recently we got a chance to met up with Rick Clark, and test out the New Nike Str8-FIT driver. I love this club, but I wanted to get a chance to compare it to it’s rival the new TaylorMade R9, which is the club that everyone has been talking about.

The Two Drivers are both very adjustable, considering they both have new technology that allows the player to adjust the club face on the go, allowing them to create different angles of flight on the ball. They Both have multiple open,closed and neutral settings which promote left to right, right to left, and straight ball flights respectively.The R9 however has one extra feature. This feature allows the player to change the weight of the club head, using adjustable weights.

The Taylor-Made-R9-Driver and it's tool!

The Taylor-Made-R9-Driver and it's tool!

We tested both drivers at Performance ClubWorks, located at Golf Quest in Southington, CT. Brian Gehan, was more than helpful allowing us to demo these top line and high tech drivers. Performance Club Works is a one stop golf center where you can get a Top level Fitting for any amateur or professional golfer. This two time Ping regional club fitter of the year knows everything there is to know about golf equipment. If you need advice they are always a great bet.

We  devised a great plan of attack to compare these clubs. We used  3 seperate tests, in which we would  hit three balls using both club’s Neutral,Max open, and Max closed settings. From these three tests we figured out which club performed best making it the better Driver.

The Nike Str8-FIT(round Dymo) we tested  currently is going for around $299, While in comparison the R9 is about $399 in most golf stores. Both are very highly sought after drivers. Yet as you may have already seen the less expensive Nike Str8-FIT has better performance than the TaylorMade R9.

The Nike Str8-FIT in our tests, hit longer and higher shots than the R9 in the Neutral setting testing, while both drivers provided straight trajectories from this setting.  In the Max Open Settings we found that the Nike Str8-FIT had a more controlled left to right shot, producing better accuracy than it’s Taylor Made counterpart the R9. Last we found that once again in the Max closed test the Nike outperformed the Taylor Made, creating a great Right to left shot. The Taylor Made in this setting failed to create any hook from right to left so it was very easy to figure out the winner.

Out of our three tests, The Nike Str8-FIT won every one. For this reason we are proud to Salute the R@D of Nike Golf, because once again they have out done themselves putting the R9 to shame. Could it really be that 8 is Greater than 9?

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