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NFL Network’s NFL Football

June 22, 2009 by AlexV 

nfl nfl nfl network NFL Network’s NFL Football

If you need a football fix check out NFL Network. With Comcast Cable company it’s only around $7.00 and change. I’m not trying to promote for another company, I’m just trying to let people who are football heads know about a great spot where they can get a fix, and that is NFL network when they replay entire football games, usually matchups that had great finishes or were good mostly through all four quarters.

But that is not the best part. They show the games without the breaks in between plays so they go faster. If they showed thee old broadcasts in their entirety, then I could definitely see that being a problem. And for those of you thinking that an extra $7.00+ a month is too much to ask for one more channel, please note that is the price of an entire sports package that includes racing, fencing, (a whole bunch of other crap) but probably most importantly the NBA TV channel.

Don’t forget that this channel is great for the regular and post seasons as well as you can tune in any time of the day if you’re not satisfied with the converge from Sports Center.


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