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Will Ricky Rubio be coming to New York?

June 27, 2009 by MarkM 

Ricky Rubio 19 year old Superstar

Ricky Rubio 19 year old Superstar

This just feels like dejavu doesn’t it. I remember when no one knew about Steve Nash, and he was picked up through an offseason trade, and then his career just exploded! I love thinking that Ricky Rubio could be that player for the New York Knicks. Ricky is a top tier talent, there is no doubt about it. This kid has the speed,athletism and mentality to make an impact this year playing on the New York Knicks. He also would give Chris Duhan the much needed time off that he could not get last season.

Ricky+RUBIO Will Ricky Rubio be coming to New York?

Ricky was drafted by Minnesota during this season’s draft along with two other high profile guards, Jonny¬†Flynn and Ty¬†Lawson . Since then, Ricky’s Father has vocalized Ricky’s discontent in playing for a small market team. So it is very possible that Donnie Walsh can pull something out. If he does not Ricky will probably stay in his European league. Considering Ricky Rubio is only 19 he has time to work on his game even more.

ricky rubio brandon jennings slam magazine Will Ricky Rubio be coming to New York?

If the Knicks can score a player like Rubio it will not be surprising to see him jump to superstar status, because he will be in the same system that created the man he is compared to, Steve Nash. Their have been reports of the Knicks needing to trade either Lee or Robinson for this deal to go through with Minnesota. Nate Robinson without a doubt is a ticking timebomb. He will begin to breakdown just like every other small player in the NBA who’se game is entirely based on his jumping abiliity. Once that happens he will be a complete defensive liablilty with no speed in the lane! All it would take is one knee injury and this kid would have nothing! To secure Ricky Rubio quickly, Donnie Walsh should resign Robinson, in order to just trade him while his value is high and pick up the young talented Ricky Rubio. Nate Robinson, however, is a restricted free agent, so he will not sign for atleast 3 to 4 weeks so he can test the waters and find out his true value in the NBA.


Ricky Rubio belongs in New York. The Knicks have needed a team first mentality point gaurd for quite sometime. Duhan was the start in changing the mentality of this team for the better. Ricky could be the end. With Ricky Rubio on the Knicks now, They might be the team to beat in the east coming 2010, since they won’t have to waste cap space on a free agent PG.


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