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Ben Roethlisberger is being charged with sexual assault

July 22, 2009 by MarkM 

Ben Rothlisberger #5 our our QB list

Ben Rothlisberger #5 our our QB list

So if things couldn’t get any juicier for Big Ben, it just did. Big Ben will soon have some court problems, considering there is a women in Nevada who believes Roethlisberger should give her 396,000 bucks for the great night he had with her at a golf outing. Now, I realize I am being a little hard on this girl but come on. I remember when some lady sai d that she was raped by Jerome Bettis in order to get some money. This has Kobe Bryant all over it. I mean really. Personally I never liked big Ben as a person, but do you really think he is capable of this? I know for a fact Ben is a awful tipper and a moronic jack ass, but really now. Ben seems not to be worried because he feels very strongly that he is innocent without a reason of doubt. Andrea Mcnulty will be placing a civil case against Roelthisberger and should give the Superbowl Champ QB something to worry about. Ben has stopped talking to the press and now seems to be in hiding. It seems a bit weird considering the timing of this case. The timing seems great considering he just one the Superbowl, and then she comes out this off season accusing him of sexual assault, 1 year after it happened! As far as I am concerned the only rape this guy has been involved in was getting sacked for over 46 times last year. To say the least,  I am not convinced but we will see what the future holds for the self proclaimed, “Tom cruise of Pittsburgh”. I guess he just wasn’t that good!


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