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Michael Vick Helped America at the very least…

August 27, 2009 by MarkM 

mike vick Michael Vick Helped America at the very least...

On the eve of Vick’s official return to playing in the NFL, I wanted to get a quick chance to talk about something I have noticed since his incarceration. America has changed, and a higher level of education on the Pit-bull has occurred.

Prior to the FBI shutting down “Bad Newz Kennels”, I had noticed that people are more intimated by animals, like the pit-bull, that the press demonize due to isolated incidents in order to sell more papers and get higher ratings. The sad thing is, that in most cases that I read about the dog was not to blame, considering it’s retarded human or inhumane owner. I also sometimes see that papers like to label any aggressive dog attack as carried out by a pit-bull even if that was not the case, because as a people we are fascinated by the dogs great strength.  That fascinations without a doubt causes the prejudice and mistreatment this great breed which the our true problem.

The thing I find odd about our the press is they very rarely report the positives stories about bully breed dogs. I have found however a couple of positive stories

1. Pitbull defends family

2. Pitbull stops Domestic Violence

3. Idiot Fake Pitbull Story! The Normal stuff we see! Note: A woman can’t bite a dog that is really attacking, PLUS 5 minutes of an attack would be long enough for any breed of dog to either kill it’s prey or move on!

I truly believe that the Media in the past has poisoned the American public. This women in the new segment above is just another example of an idiot with a voice. Let me ask you a question, why did they not show the pitbull? Yep because it was not a pit, it was probably only a mix. I think idiots who lie to vilify the innocent wither its because of ignorance or self promotion deserve to be deported. I am sick of watching T.V. and feeling like morons are ruining this country. It’s not the breed that is at fault…It’s our press!

pitbull2 Michael Vick Helped America at the very least...

For example if I say “Pitbull” many people will first think of “dog attack”, yet when I say “Cocker Spaniel” people think “Great Pet”. However this is a terrible assumption. Cocker Spaniels are the number one dog every year to be involved in attacks and many of these attacks occur on children. Yet the press never educate the public on this danger since it’s just not as sexy of a story.

Michael Vick for all his faults may be one of the best things that has happened to the Pitbull world because it forced people to learn and read more about the dogs that were seized from his property.  Vick inadvertently made this style of dog education sexy. People followed his trial and they also followed the Kennels survivors. They had several shows in hopes of educating the public, but in reality these shows were about making the networks money.

1. Nat GEO Vick Dog Program

Pitbulls are one of the first breeds of dogs that made their way from Europe to America. They actually used to be much smaller. Some of the best fighting Staffordshire terrier, which is what our American Pitbull has basically came from, where only 35 pounds. The dog was tough, extremely intelligent, brave and insanely loyal. This made this dog a great asset for anyone who was planning on settling new territory. For that reason, people who came to the United States very often found a Pitbull by there side.

Regardless, I have never blamed people for being afraid of what they do not understand, but I have been upset when I see people banning,demonizing and misplacing blame, on these dogs just because they are capable. Pits are capable of protection just as much as they are of loving. The fact that they have been banned from parts of this country is just deplorable. These bans should be lifted without a doubt. It is my right to own the dog of my choice!

Being a owner of a Pitbull, I have very often encountered people who have a limited understanding and very small tolerance to just the site of my dog. Yet it seems that many people are now beginning to leave those prejudices behind and realize, “It’s not the dogs fault it was abused, or it that it is a stong breed”. Michael Vick, I just want you to know that if you really want to help, you should start by helping create litigation which hopes to stop the illegal practice of breed banning. Michael would be a great witness to prove that breed bans do not stop the issues of neglect and misuse associated with dog fighting. In reality, it only makes this breed more profitable for criminals in areas where they are illegal. Dog fighters don’t follow the law so making more laws makes no sense! Education of the legitimate public is what is needed and banning breeds makes that so much harder.

Vick, thank you. You maybe the Sauveur of the American Pitbull by ironically being one of their worst enemies! America no longer hates the dogs but realize that a dog is only as good as his owner!


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