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Mariano Rivera

June 29, 2009 by Theboinger · 2 Comments 

Mariano Rivera 500 Saves

Mariano Rivera 500 Saves

In what we hope is now the post steroid era in MLB we were reminded tonight that no one is bigger than the game itself.
Mariano Rivera gave merely a grin as he was congratulated by Mark Teixeira after recording the final out on his 500th save. Teixeira actually fell down retreating to cover first before recovering to make the putout. Rivera however, always the professional, had sprinted to first to back up his teammate and was right there when the out was recorded.
In a time when players celebrate every little thing they do it was refreshing to see Rivera act like he’s been there before. 499 times before. There is no pointing to the sky, pounding his chest,triple sow cow fist pump, or hollering some post war battle cry. His performance alone speaks volumes.
From 1 to 500 Rivera has been a model of consistency. He has been described as mechanical, a machine, effortless. Yet he goes out every time with the same demeanor and approach: Here it is, hit it.
More times than not he ends up victorious. However, even in defeat he is gracious, professional and even consistent. Remember that wry smile as he walked off the mound in Arizona after losing game 7 of the World Series?
There is no telling how much he has left in the tank or if he will ever get the chance to close out another series clinching victory. However, if you are not enjoying it now for what it is then you are just not a fan of the game. For a guy who has been accused of having ice in his veins at least we know it’s only water.

Congratulations MO!