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Karlos Dansby could become a Giant?

February 9, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Karlos Dansby

Karlos Dansby

I was shocked when I heard some people in a local bar talking about Karlos Dansby possibly becoming a Giant. First of all, I would like to state that I believe Dansby to be a hell of talent. He would be a great player for any NFL team, but my one question is how could they pay him and still keep the defense in tact? Antonio Peirce, who is the undisputed leader of the Big Blue defense is looking for more money, money which he knows he deserves. I would love to sure up the LB core, but at what cost? Antonio Peirce may be the reason for the recent successes the Gmen have had against the run, considering their effectiveness directly correlates when Antonio came from the Redskins. We know Dansby wants a big market, and we can only assume he wants a”Big Market Paycheck”. It is for this reason, I implore all New York Giants fans to be careful what they wish for, It would be nothing short of a tragedy to see Pierce (The Defense’s QB) walk since Reese might not be able to procure his needed funds, after the signing of such a LB as Dansby.

The Capt

The Capt

Big Blue’s JUSTIN TUCK is a defensive Monster

September 17, 2008 by sportsroids · Leave a Comment 

By Mark M

I said it from day one, that Justin Tuck has more ability then the media wanted to give him credit for.

Justin Tuck's Interception for a TD

Justin Tuck

Gee whiz, look at all the ESPN columnists and SportsCenter announcers now say they all love “Justin Tuck” and portraying him as the next coming of Christ for the New York Defensive line. They said without Strahan and Osi that the Giants Justin Tuck could not fill “hole in the Giants Defense” and therefore defensively the Gmen would struggle. This is like political nonsense almost. When you are wrong you are wrong, the Giants D is looking pretty solid. I even saw some Cowboy fan say on a blog that “Tuck is no strahan, and without Osi they probobly will loose all but two games this year”. Wow! I thought to myself, “what an idiot”. Regardless, I know when to say, “Hey I was right” and “You were wrong”. I would just like to also mention when a DE intercepts a pass and runs it back for a TD, that player is something special. The Big Blue D will have bad games this year, so please don’t think they are flawless.They, however, will be one of the top 8 units in the NFL, I promise. So if you need a DST or Defense for your fantasy team try to get JUSTIN TUCK and his Big Blue Crew, cause they will be a top team in Sacks and Interceptions this year regardless of their tough schedule.

Be on the watch for LB Gerris Wilkinson he has alot of potential and will definitely look great this year.

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