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Minnesota Vikings Looks to Have Locked up Ten Wins – Maybe More

August 18, 2009 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Let the drama begin.

Let the drama begin.

By now everyone knows about the latest head-turning acquisition in the NFL. No ladies and gentleman, we are not talking about Michael Vick. This is the return of the return of Mr. Brett Favre. I got a look at the Vikings schedule which didn’t interest me much prior to the huge pickup. But let’s all take a look together now that Favre has joined the club.

The first five games should produce a 5-0 start; at Cleveland, at Detroit, home against rebuilding San Francisco, home against defensively struggling Green Bay, and at the inept St. Louis Rams.

The next three games are tough; home against Baltimore, at Pittsburgh, home at Green Bay. I’d say the Pittsburgh game is a loss. The one against Green Bay could be a shootout based on pure emotion alone that could go either way. The game against the Ravens figures to be hard-nosed and I’ll give the Vikes the edge in that one being at home to bring them to 6-2 midway.

After that they get to rest up for a week before they face the Lions again at home, then inconsistent Seattle at home, and Chicago who has defensive and wide receiving woes at home as well. I think all three are wins bringing them to 9-2.

The final stretch is where it gets tough; at Arizona, a trap-game like matchup against Cincinnati at home, at Carolina, at Chicago who may be in the division race at that time, and home against the New York Giants who might be in playoff or NFC East title contention as well.

If the Vikings turn out to be solid, they should win one or two of those last five games. If they mold into a great team then 12-13 wins should be on the horizon. Favre may be 40 years old, and have shown signs of decay over the last half of the previous year, but in Minnesota he has a proven deep threat in Bernard Berrian, and a put-the-team-on-my-back rusher in Adrian Peterson along with starter-worthy Chester Taylor.  

This team is much more balanced offensively and stronger defensively than the Jets were last year and that should be the difference in how well Favre plays through another 16 game stretch.

Brett Favre Signs with Vikings for 1 Year Deal??

May 6, 2009 by MarkM · 5 Comments 

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I can Just see it all now, lets just light up the ol’ Favre-O-meter. How about producing and syndicating a 24 hour program about Brett Favre on Sportscenter! That they can play until the season starts!  Come on NFL Network, lets talk about Farve for more than the 8 hours I have already heard today, please lord just let them stop talking about Favre.

Brett Favre has not signed yet, but it seems the idea of Brett being a Viking is becoming more and more of a real possibility. Brett has reportedly been communicating with the Vikings over the course of this off season, and considering he was cut from the Jets, there is a chance that he could come back and play for the Vikings. Brett has set up a meeting this week with Minnesota management at an “Undisclosed” location. This meeting was leaked to the press last night, and it makes this signing only seem more likely.  We should know soon if he will be come back as a Viking for the 2009 season, because Brett will have to decide quickly. He will need to get back to work fast in order for him to get back in shape and learn the system and repair any issues he has with his shoulder.  I wonder how all those Packers fans will feel, if he ends up playing for their rivals this year. To me that would be like Lawrence Taylor getting sent to the Dallas Cowboys! Oh my that would be depressing!

Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings

Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings

I can see it now, “Brett Favre bombs the ball down field in the direction of “speedster” Percy Harvin! TD!”. Personally I feel that the Green Bay Packers organization treated Brett pretty poorly, in the end.  They pressured him to make decisions he did not want too make. This pressure was really apparent when they forced him out of green bay making him retire.

favrebawls Brett Favre Signs with Vikings for 1 Year Deal??

All I got to say Brett is if you can play and you want to win one more Superbowl, Then just come back!
I will always be cheering for you man! No matter how many times you retire!

reggie Brett Favre Signs with Vikings for 1 Year Deal??