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Eddie Curry racially raped a Man?

January 13, 2009 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

eddy curry loves dunking nba Eddie Curry racially raped a Man?

Now what do you do when you think someone has wronged you? Oh yeah, accuse him of sexual harassment and racists comments right? Seriously what is this pathetic world coming too. Today Eddy Curry has been accused of just this. Seriously can they leave anyone alone. EDDY CURRY IS GOING THROUGH A HARD TIME RIGHT NOW, LEAVE EDDY CURRY ALONE!!!!…I am just joking around but I know Eddy Curry couldn’t do anything to anyone because Eddy is really not a jerk at all. He is just a lazy bum. I mean really, he got robbed blind while he was in his own the house, trust me he is no threat to anyone. But what I find even funnier is that The guy who is accusing him is trying to make this a Jewish vs. Black issue. From the report I have read, it makes no difference if he was Jewish because the offensive comments are just about all white people in general, so why does he feel the need to interject the fact that he is Jewish? On NBA.com they describe the comments by writing,

Kuchinsky also accuses Curry of exposing himself and harassing the former driver and said Curry referred to his Jewish heritage in a derogatory way, calling him a “cracker,” “white slave,” “white devil” and “grandmaster of the KKK”

All I can say is know your racial terms people. These insults make fun of white poeple as a whole, not a specific group. This won’t hold up in court, Jesus. But to get back on track, Eddy Curry is most definitely¬† innocent. I can’t really see this guy showing his drivers his special parts and verbally accosting them. Eddy Curry has four children, so let me ask you when you think he would have a chance to pull this off? It just doesn’t seem realistic, atleast to me. Personally I know that Eddy Curry would be too lazy to even use the energy to expose himself. Dave Kuchinsky is suing him and supposedly he is seeking 5 million dollars. When I heard that I was like WHAT!!?? Seriously, 5 million because you were damaged by a Black superstar showing you his Johnson? Was it really that traumatic for you to need 5 million in compensatory damages. Come on for a million Eddy Curry could cock smack me in my face and call me “whitebread” all day. These poeple who are just searching for money need to stop attacking our athletes and get real. Holla back y’all!