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Top 10 reasons to fire your head coach in 2009…

January 3, 2009 by MarkM · 1 Comment 

mangini sesemi street 300x186 Top 10 reasons to fire your head coach in 2009...

10. He has a name that rhymes with “Big weeny!”

9. He likes to drop his pants during practice.

8. He takes pride in the fact that he coached the worst team in NFL history!

7. Even Brett Farve couldn’t win a superbowl for him…

6. He had 24 wins and 40 losses during his career with the team

5. He coaches the lions…

4. His daddy’s name is “Bum”

3. He just couldn’t decided on a RB and instead accomplished the feat of hurting all 5!

2. He started 8-3 this year, with a handpicked Superbowl squad and still failed to make the playoffs!

1. He was once the “Man-Genius” and now…He is only known as “Mangina”.