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Is Matt Hasselbeck’s Tenure as Seahawks QB Running Out?

April 8, 2009 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Matt Hasselbeck's career may be on its last legs.

Matt Hasselbeck's career may be on its last legs.

The Seattle Seahawks may be looking to get rid of Matt Hasselbeck or at least test out a potential replacement. There are talks around the league that the “Seabirds” have been contemplating this, and with the number four pick in this year’s draft, that can easily happen.


Matt Hasselbeck is already 33 years old, which is definitely right around the time most quarterback’s punch starts to go sour. This past season he only played in seven games, and even though he was injured to his credit, he still played horribly and unreliable which has been his best characteristic. His stats were a 57.8 rating, five TDs, 10INTs, and a mind-boggling 52.2% completion percentage.


I don’t get it. How do quarterbacks just go from great to bad like this? It seems that all great quarterbacks have things rolling along smoothly for many years in a row, and then one season, poof! They start stinkin up the house, throwing games away, and it’s all downhill from there.


I truly don’t get how the guys can’t rely on enough intelligence and veteran experience to at least stay competitive, but it is what it is, and getting beat on must really take its toll.