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The Super Secret Lebron James Dunked on video!

July 22, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

lebron james photos The Super Secret Lebron James Dunked on video!

Ok everyone, if you wanted a chance to see King James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford, then here you have it. I thought it would have been much worse for them to cover this up i mean really this kid does not even teabag Lebron. It’s just a nice finish. We have found one of the tapes that Nike and Jay-Z forgot to confiscate. Check out the video below and realize how childish it is for them to try and hide this. Lebron if you had anything to do with this, I want you to know you should be ashamed. I have always thought you were a class act but I am starting to think you believe that you are more than human! Check out the dunk that became the Lebron James coverup of 2009!