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How to unlock the “Steal Their Thunder” Madden achievement

October 26, 2008 by MarkM · 1 Comment 

How to Unlock the Steal Their Thunder Achievement on Madden 09

Madden 2009 Sportsroids Challenge

October 14, 2008 by MarkM · 4 Comments 

Madden 09 Challenge

Madden 09 Challenge

Madden 2009 Sportsroids Challenge, is starting today. We at Sportsroids love playing Madden, and have loved playing Madden for years. We are devoting a new section of our page to Tips and Tricks as well as looking for poeple to play. If you want to try your luck and play us, send us an e-mail at vidalsports@yahoo.com. Just tell us you feel like playing a game. Pick a date, and a time and we’ll reply letting you know our availability.

Note: E-mails are checked between the hours of 5:30pm and 10:00pm Monday through Friday, and sparingly on weekends. Feel free to use that e-mail address for any questions or comments.