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Redskins sign Linebacker Robert Thomas

April 9, 2009 by MarkM · 1 Comment 

Robert Thomas, the new co-star of NFC Easts Reading Rainbow!

Robert Thomas, the new co-star of NFC East's Reading Rainbow!

Well it is good to see the Redskins trying to fix the monster they created in Marcus Washington, by cutting him and letting him get injured somewhere else and on someone else’s paycheck. But they have made a pretty large mistake if they think that Robert Thomas is going to fill Marcus’s shoes. Thomas has never really been successful anywhere he has ever been in the NFL. Robert Thomas was drafted in the first round by the Rams, in hopes he could replace London Fletcher in 2002. That plan fizzled, when Robert Thomas posted only 36 tackles while playing in 16 games with the Rams.One Ram fan I know said, “that he was one of the most well known 1st round busts” in the 2002 draft. Then the Rams pawned Robert Thomas off to Green Bay in a trade took place at the end of 2005. Robert lasted only 1 season with the Packers and was cut. Thomas then got picked up by the Raiders and played ok for only 2 years, posting numbers like 36 tackles and 62 tackles. Then Thomas got pretty badly injured last season and booom now he is on the Redskins!! The best thing about this guy is in his 7 year career he has only been fully healthy for 2 of them. Expect this guy to get hurt early next year, without a doubt. He is a injury prone player and to replace Marcus Washington, whose biggest problem was injury, with him is just laughable. Washington has way more upside and therefore a higher asking price. I sure hope they don’t think they are going to start Thomas because that would just be dumb.  This 29 year old linebacker is not the answer for Washington and I sure hope they know it. I really hope they still try to get a great LB in the draft, someone like Brain Orakpo or James Laurinaitis would be great! Getting a LB early would ensure that this move would increase the Redskins depth at LB, understanding that Thomas would not be expected to start forever!

Robert Thomas trying to stop LT

Robert Thomas trying to stop LT