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Kimbo Slice’s Mystique Died in Under 14 Seconds

October 7, 2008 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

by Mark M


Kimbo’s Last Fight

Kimbo only 14 seconds? Come on Ferg! Well, I guess he did fight a somewhat solid martial artist in Seth Petruzelli, a fighter who had no idea that he had a fight until a couple of hours before the fight. EliteXC has obviously  babied their star heavyweight, picking only weak opponents to attempt to produce a star-power that could compete with UFC. They manipulated Kimbo’s career to set him up to be their champion. For god sakes, the people Kimbo was scheduled to fight were chumps and occasionally they were
“has beens” if we were so lucky. Elite XC was so biased for their marketing gem, Kimbo even won a fight when he tapped out, which our video clearly proves.

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

Take a look and see

So how do you feel? Is Kimbo’s reign of terror over and are all the EliteXC media folks going to have to find a new exciting heavyweight, or is he going to comeback stronger than ever and fight a serious opponent in a real match. Personally I want to see Kimbo Vs. Lesner or Kimbo Vs. Ortiz.

I have heard rumors that Mike Tyson maybe in the mix for MMA. Please Mike do yourself a favor and just stay home.