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Jerry Stackhouse to meet with New York Knicks, I wondering what they are thinking?

August 6, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Stackhouse could be the main ingredant in this years bad knick team!

Stackhouse could be the main ingredient in this years bad Knicks team!

Listen all you Knicks fans,  Stackhouse has had some great years in the past but I can’t help but wonder, “Why the Knicks are even interested in this guy?”. Jerry is over the hill, and I don’t believe the Knicks need to get any older, on the roster. Dolan should just save himself the cash. The Knicks have no need for this guy to be signed, it seems as if they are trying make this deal just so that they can market that they are really attempting to be competive this season. This just seems like a move that will inevitable backfire on the knicks like the Jerome James signing or the Cuttino Mobley trade did. I mean really the Knicks are the NBA’s number #1 Suckers. I joke with my friends all the time that  the Bulls love to unload trash in New York’s direction, and everytime the knicks bite. I am as you all know a big fan of the knicks but I realize that we suck. There have been so many things wrong with this organization it’s crazy over the last 25 years. I mean really,  WHO THE HELL DRAFTS Frédéric Weis over RON ARTEST? I mean seriously the only time Weis did anything memorable was when he got jumped over and dunked on by Vince Carter in the Olympics! If the Knicks grab Jerry, I feel as if it will be just a waste. They have a young core, that management and D’Antoni need to play so that they will be “NBA ready” for when they sign someone in 2010. It would really be nice for this season if they just give the kids a shot and let them gain some experience and hell you can see what happens. I’d rather the knicks only win 30 games this season with the young guys then accomplish the same feat with Lee or Robinson. You never know , maybe Almond is the next Alan Houston, and maybe Tony Douglas becomes the NBA’s next superstar point gaurd. Regardless of what the Knicks are selling this year, I just ain’t buying it. Play the kids and let them get some experience. I want to see the knicks win a championship in the next 5 years and if they sign anyone now I feel as if they just they would be just stunting the younger players development!