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A Sportsroids Tribute to the late Steve Mcnair

July 5, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Air Mcnair hero photo 300x225 A Sportsroids Tribute to the late Steve Mcnair

As fans, we search for the hero. We search for the man who we can believe in even though we might not believe in humanity as a whole.   We want nothing more to find that player who we can believe in any situation will choose to fight, often pulling out victorious just because of his heart. Steve Mcnair was one of these heros.

On July 3rd Steve Mcnair was found dead, in a apartment that he had been renting out with one of his “close friends”. The Police have ruled out suicide, when dealing with Mcnair. They are looking at this case as a homicide. The friend that Steve Mcnair was found with has been rumored to be a girlfriend, but in reality that is all here say.

Mcnair shot with girl 300x222 A Sportsroids Tribute to the late Steve Mcnair

Sahel Kazemi, was the name of the 20 year old woman that Mcnair was found with. There have been reports that she may have been the killer. The police have released that Sahel was found on the floor, while Mcnair was found shot dead sitting on the coach. The sister of Sahel talked about her sister in an article written in USA Today by Kate Howard, when she said,

“She was one, young girl who had so many dreams that they never came true,” Salmani said. “She would never kill anyone, ever. Or anything. Not even a little bug. I want people to know that…All she wanted was to be famous…I think she is now,” she said. “She is everywhere.”

The Police in Tennessee have not gone public on if  they have classified Sahel’s death as a homicide or suicide. This fact is a indicator that this might be a brake up or friendship gone wrong. Steve Mcnair has been accused of dating this woman by Sahel’s sister. Regardless Steve Mcnair is survived by his wife and his 4 sons and his millions of fans.

McNair found dead A Sportsroids Tribute to the late Steve Mcnair

I wanted a chance to put together some more stuff so people could really get a chance to see what kind of man Steve was. He was not your “Sean Taylor” type NFL Star. He was never in the spotlight for doing anything illegal or wrong. Mcnair was a shinning example of what a NFL player should be. Tough and unselfish. Just look at how he handled his retirement speech, like a true professional and model teamate.

Steve Mcnair was a man who realized that this game was bigger than just himself, and I feel that just watching him play and interact with people you could see that.  Just look at some of the tributes that are already on You-tube.

Sportsroids.com salutes you Steve Mcnair, wherever you are. Thank you for showing us that pros can play this game at 110%, and giving the players of tomorrow someone to model themselves after. You are one of the NFL’s greatest QB’s.

Tedd Ginn Jr’s party at a Cleveland Night Club goes bad, when Bills Safety, Donte Whitner, tries to fight a cop

April 12, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Donte Whitner of the Buffalo Bills

Donte Whitner of the Buffalo Bills

Honestly, If you haven’t heard about this yet, It’s because it involves lesser known NFL player. Yet, I am sure over the next couple of weeks it will make big news. This Saturday night Ted Ginn Jr. hosted what was to be his birthday party in a night club in Cleveland.

Ted Ginn Jr. on the right was quite the track star in highschool!

Ted Ginn Jr. on the right was quite the track star in high school!

This is nothing out of the ordinary because the Miami WR was born and raised in Ohio right outside of Cleveland, and he has many friends in the area. Now, here is the juicy part. Ted is still friends with alot of his high school football buddies who he played with at Glenville High. Several players in this group were and are NFL players, including Donte Whitner Safety for the Buffalo Bills.

Donte Whitner was also team mates with Ted Ginn Jr. at OSU

Donte Whitner was also team mates with Ted Ginn Jr. at OSU

Now, I have no issue with this story up until this point. There is nothing wrong with a player hanging out near his hometown with his old school mates, but you need  to realize the where and when. NFL players at a night club, late in the night is a equation that is asking for disaster. Has anyone learned anything, form the tragic events over past 3 years? I mean really considering all the shootings and moronic fights, players should now realize that anywhere you go you are likely to be targeted by a true hater. Some one who wants to throw down or rob you just to say they did it to a celebrity! So back to the story, Donte Whitner at the Party at around 3:00 am had gotten into an altercation with some one at the club, and a pretty big brawl had broken out. Off Duty police officers who were at the club, attempted to slow down Whitner, then Whitner decided to push them off and continue fighting, which is where the story begins to get really bad. Soon, on-duty Police officers arrive at the scene and what does Donte do? He tries to square off with them, and then in doing so, gets tazered! That is just flat out stupid. Ted Ginn Jr. first should have known better than to have his party at a public club. But if you do plan on doing that, Ginn should have made sure that the party was secluded in a PRIVATE ROOM, that has it’s own bar, separate entrance and of course security .

Darrent Williams death should be a reminder that people target players, late night near or in clubs!

Darrent Williams death should be a reminder that people target players, late night near or in clubs.

Players need to be smarter than this, you are not a regular person and you are a target for the idiot haters, who want to brag that they beat up, robbed, or killed a NFL player. Donte Whitner gets no sympathy from me, especially considering he attempted to square up and “fight a police officer”. That is just stupid. He not only has made himself look foolish but he is making it 10 times harder for the League, which has be fighting the idea that many of it’s players are criminals. We have all heard the issues surrounding Pacman, Tank, Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis and the many others that have had legal issues in the last 20 years. The NFL should start being more proactive about this problem. If you act like a jerk in society than you have no business being employed by the NFL.

Roger Goodell it is time to be stern and protect the game and help save the player! Do the right thing.

Roger Goodell it is time to be stern and protect the game and help save the player! Do the right thing.

Actions like this should not be associated with the NFL, but sadly enough they are due to players like this. I personally believe that Donte Whitner should be suspended without a doubt from the NFL. Actions like this are not acceptable, and any other course of action would just be a slap on the wrist. NFL players can not act like this, not for the children’s sake, and not for the fan’s sake, but for the sake of the game. Donte Whitner’s teammate Marshawn Lynch was the driver in a hit-and-run incident last summer but escaped with only a traffic ticket. This type of behavior needs to end, especially out of buffalo bills players. These players need to be held accountable just like everyone else. I know players mess up, but come on man! Who doesn’t! If you haven’t heard of Dante Whitner until now, I am sure you won’t forget his name. Moronic actions can sometimes spark a players popularity and that’s just terrible thought.  We are always looking for the player we can fix, and I think that is just dumb, because we are breeding and fostering this type of behavior. I am sick of news like this. Players have a tremendous gift and it is nothing short of a waste to act like this soiling the good name of the people who have not only come before you but also after you.

Listen Donte

Listen Donte Whitner to what I have to say!

In closing I just want to say one thing to all NFL players, “after 1 am STAY OUT AND AWAY FROM THE CLUBS!” Just get a really nice vacation house or something!