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Stick a fork in them, yep they’re done! Sorry Cowboy fans…

December 11, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Dallas Cowboys

The cowboys may have to play the remainder of the season without Adam Jones in the defensive backfield, which is a huge deal considering they don’t have any depth at DB. This week THE BOYS will start their swiss cheese secondary against the Giants. I expect Eli to have a big game. The Pacman news may seem like small news, but when you take into account their laundry list of injuries, its not hard to jump to grasp it’s severity. Jerry Jones may have been better suited to have picked up some free agents DB’s rather than wasting 3 draft picks on Odessa’s #1 WR Roy Williams. Just look at the secondary for this week’s Giants game, I am starting to think they will have no one to actually play Safety. Hamlin (Ankle) probably won’t be ready and Keith Davis (MCL) is not likely to play and remember that Roy Williams is on IR. So who is going to start? That is a question that I don’t think Wade Phillips knows the answer to either. Right now it looks like Tra Battle and Courtney Brown will get the start, at the Safety spots. Yet again because of this you should expect a big game for Eli and Giants second year TE Kevin Boss for several reasons. The First reason is that Tra Battle, who was cut earlier this season by the Chargers, is severely undersized and will be expected to cover the TE during certain man packages during this game. In the Red Zone this will really kill the boys. Also Courtney Brown is a ex-corner who just wasn’t agile enough to play CB at the NFL level. He is not a reliable player and in this big game he could be exploited. This duo just won’t match up against Big Blue’s crew of Wide-Outs.

Sorry Boy’s fans, your season is already over, finito!

The Cowboys have a pretty rough upcoming schedule, in which they will face the New York Giants (11-2), Baltimore Ravens (9-4) and Philadelphia Eagles (7-5-1). These are teams that I don’t know if they could beat even when they were healthy. So now with the cowboys all banged up, I have to say is, “Stick a fork in it. Good job for beating Seattle and San Francisco, but the reality is your still not making the playoffs! SO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!”

Marvin Harrison: Still plays while suspected for murder?

November 16, 2008 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

Marvin Harrison WR Colts

Marvin Harrison WR Colts

Honestly, with all the fines that have been going around the league because of retard Roger Goodell, you would think they would have something to say about Marvin Harrison! “Oh wait, Haven’t you heard? I was under the impression that everyone heard yeah ! yeah the bird bird bird bird is the word!”

No seriously, though Marvin Harrison probably shot someone!

Marvin is really feeling the pressure now!

Marvin is really feeling the pressure now!

Yet let that sink in, NFL hero Marvin Harrison is under review for attempted murder!

Now, how do you feel ?

It sucks I know. but what do you expect he is from Philadelphia…

I am very upset that they(NFL league office) let Marvin Harrison still play even though he is pretty much under review of attempted Murder. The story goes that Marvin was visiting his home town of Philadelphia. Marvin frequents and owns a bar called “Playmakers”. Pretty stupid name,  I know. Nevertheless during his night at the bar, he got into a altercation with a man. After around 5:20 PM, witness’s said that the man left the bar, and then Witness’s then saw Marvin leave the bar following the man, then soon after this, gunshots ensued. The man who Marvin had the disagreement was shot in the hand and his son had some serious injuries due to the broken glass in his eyes. They were together in their car, when the bullets hit them. The bullets casings recovered from the incident matched in a ballistics test to a gun that Marvin owns! The ballistic tests showed that the gun that had fired the shots was a custom made Belgian weapon, and police already have determined that Harrison owned such a gun. This is a custom gun, Marvin this just isn’t good.

The Police Reported to the press immediately, in hopes of defusing the situation

Early Media Reactions

In a shocking turn, it is sad to see that one of the stand up players in the NFL actually has turned out to be a complete moron.Regardless if he is the shooter, he gun was nevertheless used in this shooting. So what if he didn’t shot him, then he is negligent with his firearms and that makes me not respect the All-pro just as well. I know that there are many reports that these charges are bogus, but lets be honest with ourselves, if he did do it would the NFL do everything in their power to cover it up? Yeah I think so. We have once again been let down by one of our NFL hero’s (Future HOF) and the NFL has said nothing about this. They instead have just swept it under the carpet, due to Marvin’s reputation, and trust me they fear this would hurt the league, and it probably would, but no more than the recent phantom roughing the passer calls. All I am saying is nobody is perfect, and Marvin is an AS*HOLE!! I loved you Marvin how could you do this 2 me!!! I think you did it, and that makes me upset!

The Cops have all the evidence they need to charge Marvin. They have ballistics weapon test and victim cooperation, so there has definitely been something fishy going on. Can you say NFL cover up?

Just look at this list of evidence.

1.Ballistics tests have proved that the shell casings found at the shooting had been fired from Harrison’s gun, which is a Belgian-made FN5.7.

This is the FN-57, which is the type of gun that was used in the shooting.

This is the FN-57, which is the type of gun that was used in the shooting.

2. They have found the weapon at one of Marvin Harrison nearby business’s “Chucky’s Garage” on Thompson street. Which was close to the incident, even though Marvin had supposedly had reported to the police that the gun was at his home and had never left his home residence.

3. He and Dixon have had a long traceable history, and this incident was definitely building up.

This makes me sick! Marvin regardless even he didn’t fire, Marvin must have allowed some one else to fire upon Dixon with his pistol. The police have a match. What else do they need? Oh right, the Ok from the NFL lawyers ! If Harrison’s name was spelled “P.A.C.M.A.N” he would already be receiving the death penalty.

Roy Williams Injuried and Upset at Cowboys

October 20, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Roy Williams SS Dallas Cowboys

Roy Williams SS Dallas Cowboys

Roy Williams has broken his forearm in his first game back today. Jerry Jones has told the media that he will be out for the remainder of the season. Roy Williams was a large piece of the cowboys secondary. Earlier this season, Roy had stated he was uncomfortable with the teams defensive scheme. He said, “I don’t fit this system” Roy’s morale is at an all time low, and he is upset with his situation and the way this team has decided to use him. Considering that Dallas is very thin at the DB position and this injury could prove all too costly for the team. After being embarrassed in St. Louis the Dallas Cowboys must regroup and figure out what they are going to do about their secondary. Roy Williams in out, Pacman is out, Newman goes out often. Do not be surprised if you hear Jerry Jones searching for a new DB on the free agent market. Ty Law the assassin, is getting looked at by the Dolphins so don’t think Jones might not get in that mix. Jerry knows for Dallas to get to and win a Superbowl they will need more depth in the defensive skill positions.

Roy Williams Cowboys Wide Receiver

Roy Williams Cowboys Wide Receiver

Also, Dallas’s top acquisition, WR Roy E. Williams was held without a catch today. Do not expect this to happen often, but do realize he is learning a new offense, so it could take some time to see the fantasy numbers poeple expect. Dallas has dropped 3 of the last 4 games.

Pacman Jones back in the hot seat!

October 10, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Adam "Pacman" Jones

Adam "Pacman" Jones

Dallas Cowboy, Adam Jones has apparently been up to his previous antics again. After fighting his own security in a bathroom this past weekend, he may be looking at a fresh new suspension. I wish they had fantasy Fallout football, him and Chris Henry would be 1st and 2nd picks overall. Pac is already on his 2nd strike with commisioner Roger Goodell. It a shame to see that even the mighty Cowboys couldn’t save this young man from himself, let alone the story hungry media, who does breath down his neck a lot. I even heard that pacman ties his shoes wrong in a article I read somewhere!(Joke) Either way we as fans are very critical of pacman. There could be several reasons for the public criticisms. I think, mostly it is because he has the athletic talent and is in the position to make millions and it seems he just doesn’t care about embracing his opportunity. Realizing that one day Adam will grow up and out of this “I am a tough guy” charade. He will then realize that he was one of the lucky ones. I just hope it happens before it’s to late. He might get suspended again by the league, probably ending his career in the NFL. When asked about the new Pacman incident, Roger Goodell stated, “I don’t think there is any misunderstanding about the position Adam has put himself in with respect to his behavior,” he said. “There are certain things I expect of him. I would tell you I’m disappointed we’re even discussing this.”