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Ruth Aaron Mays…Rice?

February 11, 2009 by Theboinger · 2 Comments 

Babe Ruth Hall Of Famer

Babe Ruth Hall Of Famer

Lest we not forget Williams, DiMaggio and Mantle. I am not sure anymore what if anything the Hall Of Fame means or should mean to anyone outside of MLB. There is no scientific formula that separates one player from the next in terms of voting. The voters themselves seem to be arbitrary at best and frankly what makes them more qualified than the average fan? We do not need them to tell us who is and who is not the best we have ever seen. We can see it for ourselves or at the very least look it up.

After a while it all seems meaningless anyway. The Hall of Fame in my most humblest of opinions should be reserved for the best of the best. So I ask you all who was the best of the best? How do we decide who is eligible and by what standard? I will give you my all time 25 man roster and you can come back at me with anything you like.

1. LF Rickey Henderson

2. RF Henry Aaron

3. P Babe Ruth (dh what’s that?)

4. CF Willie Mays

5. 1B Lou Gehrig

6 3B Brooks Robinson

7. 2B Jackie Robinson

8. C Yogi Berra

9. SS Cal Ripken Jr.

Ted Williams

Mickey Mantle

Pete Rose

Phil Rizzuto

Josh Gibson

Ken Griffey Jr

George Brett

Sandy Kofax

Steve Carlton

Bob Gibson

Satchel Paige

Nolan Ryan

Mariano Rivera

Cy Young

Walter Johnson

John Smoltz