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Roy Eyes NHL Headcoaching Job

April 4, 2009 by Big Tony · 1 Comment 

patrick roy coaching 300x283 Roy Eyes NHL Headcoaching Job
Rumor has it that Patrick Roy is interested in a headcoaching job in the NHL RIGHT NOW. How Roy would be as a coach at the top level no one really knows but it would be a lot of fun. His personality as a player added a flashiness that was uncanny. Generally speaking Roy’s affinity for the spotlight in showtime did not interfere with his on ice play; in fact it probably caused him to raise his game. Imagine that same pizzazz and energy behind the bench. A glimpse of that was seen in his endeavors as a coach at the junior level but with some controversy. At the NHL level that style will in all likelihood create little if any controversy to the extent it did at his junior gig. In fact, that style will probably energize players and fans alike leading to some very entertaining nights whether it’s midseason or in the thick of the playoffs. Roy will probably coach in either Montreal or Colorado and no matter which city he lands in there will be storylines-a-plenty. If he ends up in Montreal the media will have a field day with the return of a living legend to where it all started for him in 1986. A love-hate relationship with the fans and media in Montreal will surely develop as the hockey crazed city that defines success by two words and two words only “Stanley Cup.” Roy will know what to expect in that situation and I think he’ll thrive on the pressure that will definitely be placed square on his shoulders. So between the fans, the media, (not to mention the unceremonious way in which he left the team as a player)and all of the ghosts of the old forum that are bellowing in the hallways of the Bell Centre, Patrick Roy in Montreal would be anything but dull.

Patrick Roy in Denver would also work out quite well. With the energy he’ll bring to the bench (as discussed above) he can reinvigorate a city that has been an unbelievable hockey town since they moved there from Quebec City almost 15 years ago. The team did not have a good year and for the first time in a long time some of the seats at the Pepsi Center remained unoccupied. Putting Roy behind the bench will certainly put fans back in the seats and give the Avalanche some much needed national attention (from both Canada and the U.S.). Of course it wouldn’t only be the fans who would be excited about Roy’s return to Denver but also the players who would feed off of Roy’s fire and passion for the game. And last, but not least, is the hype that would inevitably be created leading up to the four meetings between Patrick Roy and Wayne Gretzky. Two living legends leading their teams against one another is sure to add an extra intangible element to that match-up. As of right now there is really no rivalry between Colorado and Phoenix but with these two guys behind the bench, their respective competitive natures are sure to spill over onto the ice which is a very exciting prospect.

Love him or hate him no matter where Roy ends up his presence will have nothing but a positive effect on his team, the city, and the league as a whole.

There Are Limits to Your Expansion NHL

November 10, 2008 by Big Tony · Leave a Comment 

gary bettman 300x300 There Are Limits to Your Expansion NHLI am very much in favor of marketing the NHL and the game of hockey in general to as many places as possible. On the other hand, I think it is important to know the limits of the NHL’s potential. In my opinion it is not necessarily about trying to make the game compete with other professional sports in North America but about trying to maximize the potential of the league in and of itself. That said I understand the desire to place teams in the southern tier of the United States. Testing the waters is always a good thing and in the case of the Dallas Stars it has been quite successful. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Atlanta (for the second time), Miami, Phoenix, Nashville and Carolina. Miami and Phoenix are terrible sports markets where not even football does all that well. The people seem to either have other interests or have moved from cold weather cities that have teams to which people keep their allegiances with. The time has come to again consider and ultimately place teams in old NHL markets like Winnipeg and Quebec City or exploring new options in places like Kansas City, Milwaukee, Halifax, Hamilton or perhaps putting another team in Toronto proper. I know Gary Bettman and company have a lot on their plates but in this day of expansive cable/satellite TV, the internet, and various other media outlets that can help grow the game it is time to rethink their strategy.