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How About them Tampa Bay Rays!

October 20, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Matt Garza earned his money in ALCS game seven giving up just one run and bending, but not breaking the rest of the way.

Matt Garza earned his money in ALCS game seven giving up just one run and bending, but not breaking the rest of the way.

Of all the surprises this season in Major League Baseball, it is the Rays turn around and unexpected success and their continuation of proving every doubter wrong this entire season thus far. Some may argue that they should have put the Redsox away when they were up three games to one, but I guarantee you that Boston is thinking that they should have never even put themselves in a 1-3 hole to begin with.

The Rays deserve credit and respect. The whole reason they played so well throughout the regular season was to have that home field backdrop in case it came to this. For that reason alone, they are the better team. They earned their advantage and ultimately used it to get into the World Series.

Every time the Redsox were in position to score it was Matt Garza who staved them off gaining strike-outs and especially down the stretch of the game. In fact, the only run that the Redsox got came by the second man up at the top of the first inning when Dustin Pedroia scored a homer.

Other than that, it was all Tampa on their way to the World Series which begins on Wednesday October 22nd at 8:00pm on Fox in Tampa.

Dustin Petroia's solo homer in his first at bat was not enough for the Redsox on Sunday night.

Dustin Pedroia's solo homer was not enough to upend the Rays.

What will we See in ALCS Game Six?

October 17, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Red Sox

Red Sox

The Redsox are back to their old tricks again; coming back from huge playoff deficits. First the comeback to the Yankees after being down 0-3, and last year’s 1-3 deficit against Cleveland in the ALCS. Well, now they have brought back a 1-3 deficit to a 2-3 deficit.

The only difference from last year’s comeback is that Boston was at home for games six and seven. This year they’ll be on the road in T.B.

This is what the Rays earned all year. They played tough, enthusiastic baseball and earned home field advantage in the ALCS. However, if they want to avoid a game six, their pitching down the stretch is going to have to improve. Thursday night’s game was the second game of the series to feature both clubs scoring runs in bunches; game two ended 9-8 with Tampa Bay on top, and Friday’s game began 7-0 and ended 8-7.

This game is going to be a close one. It’s going to come down to the pitching staff of both teams. But what will we see? A high scoring affair like in games two and five, or defensive dominance like we saw in game 1 (BOS won 2-0), game 2 (TB won 9-1), and game four (TB wins 13-4).

Slugfest Down in Tampa Bay in ALCS Game 2

October 12, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 


Can the Rays knock the 'sox' off of Boston at least one game at Fenway Park?

Last night’s game two between the Boston Redsox and Tampa Bay Rays was a shootout. Both teams kept trading momentum, and they did so until the end of the 9th inning, where the two teams hit a stalemate that lasted until the bottom of the eleventh inning.

With the next two games being in Boston, the Rays better take what they used to attain a winning record against the Redsox in their regular season series, and try to at least come out 2-2 heading back to Tampa.

This is where the Rays really have to prove their not just a feel good story, but a team that was in it to win it from the beginning of the season. But they still face an uphill battle going into Boston. The Redsox are not the team searching for a title anymore. They’re the team that now knows how to win one.

The loaded rosters of both the Redsox and the Rays were shooting them out of the park like it was the Derby, and they provided a lot of entertainment last night. However, is this a sign of things to come? If so and the Rays have to match firepower, I would say that doesn’t bode well for them traveling to Boston for the next two games in the series and tied 1-1.