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NFL Player’s Association and Minneapolis Judge Assist Suspended Players

December 4, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Firm hand of the NFL? My ass.

Firm hand of the NFL? My ass.

It seems as though a judge in Minnesota by the name of Gary Larson has decided to halt the suspensions of the two mammoth nose tackles, Pat Williams and Kevin Williams of the Minnesota Vikings. It also seems as though this judge in Minnesota may manage to find another loophole for players that deserve to be punished.


Although the momentary clearing of these suspensions doesn’t give the two players the right to play on Sunday, but rather to be on site and remain somewhat employed, they still may get a chance when the NFL Player’s association asks a federal judge to nullify these suspension so that they, and Deuce McAllister, Charles Grant, Will Smith, and Bryan Pittman can all get off on the same account as well for eligibility to play this Sunday.


Assuming that this judge and the NFL Player’s Association are successful, what does this mean for Roger Goodell’s plight to clean up the league and regulate it with a firm hand? In a nation where celebrities constantly get out of legal punishments on technicalities and loopholes, how can the NFL ever expect to police the conduct of its players when they are all practically celebrities?


Although it truly hurts the Vikings to have these two players out, as well as the Saints two starting DEs in Grant and Smith, and their power running back in McAllister, and even Pittman who is a long snapper for the Houston Texans, this is no way to help set the example if they all get off.


What is even more discerning is that the NFLPA is assisting these players to void a ruling that they agreed upon with the NFL that the masking agent for steroids they all tested positive for would be enough grounds to merit a suspension.


No matter the ruling, this makes the NFLPA look somewhat irresponsible, and could make the NFL look hopeless in its ability to keep the league steroid and drug-free.