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Thiago Alves could upset the World Tonight on UFC 100

July 11, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

showcasepix655751 thiago alves Thiago Alves could upset the World Tonight on UFC 100
If you don’t already know who Thiago Alves is, you need to brush up on your UFC knowledge. Thiago Alves will be on the top of his game tonight after winning 7 straight contests in a row. Everyone has been looking at Thiago as a brawler type strikers, but I feel that Thiago has more to his game great striking. Regardless I like Thiago’s chances considering, I don’t expect him to want to take this fight to the ground. He without a doubt has the power to embarrass the current Champion George St. Pierre and everyone is harping on that. He also has a great fighting resume, beating tough competition like Josh Koshcheck, Matt Hughes, Karo Parysian and more. Thiago is the Stronger fighter in this match. Thiago is also the younger fighter at 25 year old. Alves is currently a very dangerous fighter who is in top physical shape. He has posted an MMA record of 22-4. GSP has defended his title successfully five times in a row, so he may be due for a letdown. Regardless betting on Thiago makes more than sense considering the current money line on the fight:

-280 GSP
+220 Alves.

That means if you put $100 on Alves and he wins the bet will pay out more than double at $220. On the other hand to just make a payout of $100 on GSP you would need to put up $280 dollars and of course he would have to win. I am sorry but at those odds i am going for Thiago Alves all the way people! It’s still up to you who you bet or root for, that just my take on this fight.

3324987717 c42856821e Thiago Alves could upset the World Tonight on UFC 100

Also is anyone else sick of watching Brock Lesnar fake it like he is mad about the past Mir fight on the new UFC 100 preview? I mean really can you act more like this is WWE? I love how they are making this about Lesnars retribution and not Frank Mir’s title shot. I feel as if Mir could get destroyed in this contest, yet if I was gambling man I would put my money on Mir, the payoff is just so high. Lesnar is a monster but he really isn’t that smart! Frank isn’t small at 255 so I am still going to side with Frank, the more proven and experienced fighter.

The Money Line for this fight is

-255 Lesnar

+195 Mir