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Michael Vick has the support of many NFL teams and prominent players

July 26, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

I think Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, is ready to let go at this point.

Michael Vick met with Roger Goddell this week. Many people believe that Vick should be reinstated. These people include Michael Irvin, Michael Strahan, Ocho Cinco, and Jamal Anderson. They have all publicly came out in support of Vick’s reintroduction to the league. I would also like to say in this case I am in support of Michael Vick. You may realize that in the past I was not happy or in support of  Vick but recently I have decided to change my mind. I will give him the credit he deserves,  he has done the time that was prescribed to him by the US goverment. He has also been working as a laborer and I think he might have realized the error of his ways. Regardless what PETA thinks this guy has cleared his name and sought rehabilitation as well as punishment for what he did. It would be nothing but unfair at this point to refuse him the ability to sign with an NFL team. I do still think however that he should face a suspension for at least 8 weeks of the NFL season from Goddell considering he should still face some sort of punishment from the NFL since he brought the Leagues players agreement. I know however that this man deserves the ability to get a job, just like every rehabilitated criminal. PETA should not affect or try to effect him doing so.  This decision prosides over only one man, Roger Goddell. Will he clear Vick to be signed? I think yes, considering how happy Vick and his agent were after the meeting with Goddell.  I realize that people can change, and I know judging Vick is not my place or anyone else’s except the NFL  commissioner. Anyone other than Roger who does so is just a meaningless pawn in soiceities popular culture hate machine! I just hope Michael Vick learned something from his mistakes.  Aight Gooo Get em RON MEXICO!