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Steelin a Brown!

June 22, 2009 by AlexV · 1 Comment 

Joey Porter 1 Steelin a Brown!

I remember an infamous day in 2004. It was November 14th and they dubbed it… “Steelin a Brown!” It was before kickoff of Steelers/Browns game and the Cleveland Browns bust of a running back William Green decided it was ok to get into it verbally with Joey Porter the linebacker. And that’s cool. Just don’t let it get physical Mr. Willie.

See, what happened was, I guess Green thought that spitting in Porter’s face would help to disintegrate that pirate-like scowl of Porter’s but he was wrong. Porter then proceeded to cock back a fist and jacked him up like Riahanna having a bad episode of déjà-vu involving Chris Brown. But the only tunes that Green was singing then was “Damn.”

Not only was he left with a damaged cranium, but also got booted from the game right before the Steelers did what they usually do when they play the Browns… legalized rape!

rihanna chris brown Steelin a Brown!

Well I guess things might just turn out better for Chris Brown, who today has decided to plead guilty for beating the $%^& out of his woman, Rihanna. Today Chris didn’t even get put in jail for 1st degree assault charges, he however will have 5 years of probation with some hours of community service. Man that seems like a steal for Brown doesn’t it?  Chris won’t even miss a beat, dropping new hits on them…(Hopefully Rihanna won’t receive anymore!) I guess that the way the jury crumbles!

rihanna after Steelin a Brown!