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Whining on Wannstedt. A SportsRoids exclusive

September 18, 2008 by sportsroids 

Whining on Wannstedt

By Madison Mad’nuff

Pittsburgh Panthers Coach Dave Wannstedt

Pittsburgh Panthers Coach Dave Wannstedt.

As the Pitt Panthers continue their season one has to wonder if Wannstedt was the right choice for  the University.  To me Waanstedt is just another big name hire that most people knew would not work.  When you are a Pittsburgh guy like Wannstedt is, and are beloved by the city it makes it easy for Pitt to hire the guy, but why?  This is eerily reminiscent of the Nebraska Cornhuskers the only difference is Wannstedt has not been fired yet.  But if he does not produce this year I would expect him to be. When you remove a guy like Walt Harris who (I will admit) couldn’t go all the way or recruit the best but still had the ability to build a program; and replace him with a big name you better have that guy deliver and Wannstedt has not. So when do you pull the plug? I say now before Pitt loses 6 more games. Walt Harris was able to come up with some big time names at least, Larry Fitzgerlad, Antonio Bryant, Latiff Grim,  Keavan Barlow, and Wannstedt has not .  To Me Waanstedt was on his way out last year but then Pitt pulled of the miracle and bet WVU. Which earned Wannstedt another shoot to win 5 or 6 games and get fired.  Walt Harris at least had a winning record, Pitt needs to end this and pick up or hire a proven coach from a smaller school, “Frank Solich anyone”? “I’m just sayin”


2 Responses to “Whining on Wannstedt. A SportsRoids exclusive”

  1. Jim Cromie on September 19th, 2008 10:16 am

    Excellent grammar and insight. Very insightful, well informed analysis. Well done.

  2. Tony on September 27th, 2008 10:50 pm

    Although I agree that Wanny was a bad hire (and have said so since day one), I do not think it would be wise to fire him in the middle of the season. As I write this Pitt has barely defeated Syracuse who could only muster a 9 point victory against Northeastern… However, getting rid of a coach so early in the season wouldn’t improve the odds of winning at all. So if the idea is to fire him to keep them from losing 5 or 6 more games it would be an effort in vain. I guess we just need to see how the rest of the season goes before making any decisions on his future. If things do not go well I think Solich is a great idea. As a Pitt alum I don’t care who the coach is just win.

    p.s. Pitt had renewed Wannstedt’s contract BEFORE the WVU game last year. just FYI

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