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Monday Night Follow up

October 20, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff 

egg in face Monday Night Follow upWell first I would like to say sorry to those of you who used my Monday Night pick for anything.  Secoond I would just like to site conspieracy as Mike and Bill conspired to make me look silly Monday night.  The patriots route the Broncos as they  commit turnover after turnover and lose their key asset at corner the Champ.  Now I know nobody called this game to end up the way it did but I must have some egg on my face, make that over easy.  On the birght side their is always next week and the week after…… give me the next 3 weeks as I am sure that is what it will take to restore your faith in my picks, but you will see all of those will be correct. “This was a fluke”.


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