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Marbury refuses minutes because of hurt feelings??

November 24, 2008 by MarkM 

Stephon Marbury

Disgruntled Knicks Point Guard, Stephon Marbury

I have been reading a lot about the new Marbury fiasco and I have grown tired of it. I love Starbury more than any other fan. I have followed his entire career and I have looked up to him for as long as I can remember. I remember when he was still in High School, playing out of Coney Island and developing his game on pavement courts city wide. This kid had so much potential, but I am starting to believe his attitude has finally gotten the best of him. Marbury’s story should be a lesson to all, that abilitiy must be accompanied with the proper attitude in order to be successful. Marbury had a great opportunity to play with a much

Stephon Marbury playing in the Mcdonalds HS All-American game

Stephon Marbury playing in the McDonald's HS All-American game.

improved Knicks team, and he dismissed it. Without a doubt the organization had not treated Marbury correctly but this was a chance for Marbury to prove his worth, so at the very least at the end of this season, other teams could have bid top dollar to sign him. Has anyone ever heard of a player who refuses to play in his contract year? I am starting to wonder if he can still play to the level that we were accustomed to seeing. Mike D’Antoni without a doubt is bringing the team in a new direction, considering they are over .500, and they are the top scoring team in the NBA. They were planning a move from the beginning (I am sure of it). It could be possible that they were saving Marbury in case of this event, because at his┬áripe age, you never can be certain that he does not get bit by the injury bug.

Mike D’Antoni press conference


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